Monday, October 22, 2018

Business of international travel - trying to figure out what to do next and what will make me truly happy?

• Phuket, Thailand: - $320 and up
• Costa Rica: - $299 and up, ceremonies not included

Very special:
• - $85 per day
• - $80 per day and upwards

Most of the places are listed on

• - $425 initial session
• - $300 per hour

Some interesting concepts:
• - life before work
• - put that into Google and immediately found and via AdWords
• Everything this guy

Everything requires money.

In the past I was making money by selling time, by selling my computer services.

In the past...

(some faulty assumptions, holding on to fixed views)

Recently I had a conversation with a psychologist that I respect, finally someone who I respect:

That helped a lot.

New insights and new realisations...

Our cells are constantly regenerating, not a single a molecule will remain in place a year from now.