Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bitnation - Pangea Jurisdiction - decentralized distributed nation

Token sale:

There are so many ICO projects and it’s difficult to differentiate good stuff from scams… Bitnation is as real as it gets. They’ve been around, I’ve heard about Bitnation so many times and now the ICO is getting real.

History of accomplishments

Public notary in collaboration with Estonia was pretty epic. Similar to “proof of existence” by the guy who is now CTO at Open Zeppelin. They are OG of blockchain, OG of crypto.

Core contributors

The list of contributors is pretty massive, substantial.
As always encouraging you to DYOR - do your own research - talk with these guys in person and cross check they are actually invested in the project.


A number of reputable and knowledgeable folks. Personally I’m a big fan and supporter of president of Liberland Vit Jedlicka. His efforts are unprecedented and Liberland is truly revolutionary.
Vinay Gupta who is pretty much everywhere. Rick Falkvinge  -  I think I know him from the Pirate Party.


Amazix for bounties.
Bitcoin Suisse for handling money.
Estonia - they did blockchain partnership some time ago.
Among many others...

Hype level

That’s the thing:

I’m connected directly to the Bitnation bubble, I receive newsletters, I monitor progress daily.

For me it is difficult to tell whether the hype is real.

Bear in mind that very successful project might not be successful in terms of ICO price!


I’m not paying that much attention to it.
Teams have to operate in a lean manner - be able to change.
I hope these guys will execute well.


Token sale:

Always DYOR - do your own research. Bitnation has been around forever, now they are taking it to the next level. What will happen after the ICO? Cannot tell, markets are unpredictable so as always in the crypto space - stay safe...