Friday, February 16, 2018 - media platform supported by Mark Cuban

One of the main selling points: Mark Cuban

He is a serial entrepreneur, visionary figure, iconic person, owner of Dallas Mavericks, he is on the TV show “Shark Tank”

That’s why the company uses his name uses his brand. Nothing wrong about it, I’d do exactly the same. If something passes his bullshit detector it’s pretty good indicator of potential success.

Entertainment industry
It is a massive market. Sorry not sorry if I don’t provide an actual number - it’s intuitive - how much money is in the space, how much attention is captivates. We live in attention economy now, and according to white paper they have very decent “time in the app” metrics.

Value of partnerships
As always I’m thinking about incentives. Every single platform wants to keep users on their website. Out of the box there are no incentives to share content to other places.

That’s where Marc Cuban and reputation comes in - to reach to high level decision makers and be legitimate.

Brand and design
I really like their name, brand, logo… It matters how you present the product. Social media game is also quite good.

Existing iOS app
I’ve installed it from the AppStore. It proves that has ability to deliver, not just white paper (vapour) ware.

FOMO factor
$36m sold out in the private sale. I understand there is no public sale. There is only bounty and community airdrop. I’m not sure if that is good - surely they’ve considered various options… It’s impossible to deny $36m from investors but what to do about community - offering airdrop seems like a finding balance.

Airdrops and referrals
Shameless about that, these are referral links, cost nothing to use them.

• Referral link:
• Telegram referral link:

Massive set of advisors
These guys are shaping the space, amazing credentials!

Handy link once again:

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