Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Looking for a simple way to exchange contacts in real life...

So Elon Musk is putting Tesla Roadster into Mars orbit.

Now we have 2018 and we still didn't solve a simple problem how to exchange contacts. Not so hypothetical situation from last night:
- we are both at a meetup
- we talk face to face for a few minutes (proximity 1m)
- we want to exchange contacts (proximity of the phones 0.1m)

Note that we both the "latest and greatest" iPhone X, with the following features:
- FaceID
- raise to wake
- listening to "OK Siri"
- automatically connecting to known WiFi networks
- constantly sending location to NSA data centres

I understand there is a privacy concern somewhere - it's OK to prompt me "are you sure to change your contact with..."

It's not Black Mirror - - it's basic usability.

I know there was an app to do that, now it is long gone:

My dream is not to have phone at all. Personal assistant handling social media obligations. Until then - pocket computing device - checking so many things online, extremely practical when travelling...

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