Monday, October 22, 2018

Business of international travel - trying to figure out what to do next and what will make me truly happy?

• Phuket, Thailand: - $320 and up
• Costa Rica: - $299 and up, ceremonies not included

Very special:
• - $85 per day
• - $80 per day and upwards

Most of the places are listed on

• - $425 initial session
• - $300 per hour

Some interesting concepts:
• - life before work
• - put that into Google and immediately found and via AdWords
• Everything this guy

Everything requires money.

In the past I was making money by selling time, by selling my computer services.

In the past...

(some faulty assumptions, holding on to fixed views)

Recently I had a conversation with a psychologist that I respect, finally someone who I respect:

That helped a lot.

New insights and new realisations...

Our cells are constantly regenerating, not a single a molecule will remain in place a year from now.

Friday, June 1, 2018

All the fun places I did not go and will not go this year...

Off-peak festivals are way better, you can have one a month and be perfectly happy:
• Crypto Psychedelics
• Miami Ultra
• Afrika Burn
• Lightning in a Bottle

I had some uncertainty here or there, I wasn't fully in the flow... Now as I think about it, I should let go and see how

In the summer situation is different, at least 3-4 events each weekend.

This weekend is also busy:

DEFCON or BoomTown?

So many choices... I would probably go to DEFCON and then Burning Man (help with setup) but I continue with total bullshit legal fiction family law secret courts thought police - I need to be in the UK at a certain point in time.

(please rest assured it is a complete bullshit)

So far this the one I have tickets:

(I was there 2010, 2014, 2016 too)

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Throwing £1000 a year into a mud - silly me Zurich Insurance

 Back in a day that was the cheapest quote:

As you become a valued customer, get a discount for no claims I didn't realise the price has doubled... It was all on autopilot.

Now having a closer look:



I was spending so much money.

Overpaying 6x times...

Two monthly instalments would cover the whole year...

Now, when I want to cancel, £50 cancellation fee...



EDIT / UPDATE: I got a call, apparently my address was not updated, the insurance has been already paid, now I'll get £380 something refund... Damn... Wish I knew all of it earlier. Guys - always stay on top of your finances. Know how much you earn, know how much you spend, know how much money you have in your bank account. Being "in the flow" - infinite prosperity and abundance is cool when you work in a bank charging £500 per day, but when the money dries up you wish you were more frugal with your expenses :)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Lightning in a Bottle - I'm enough, I'm worthy of love #chooselove


A lot of unhealed trauma in me.

A whole series of mistakes, one leading to another, with a lot of "sick incentives" - and not enough wisdom to be proactive and fix the problem when it was still small.

I wasn't honest back in a day, now I'm learning the lessons that radical transparency is also not a way - especially when dealing with government officials who are underpaid and... I really wish I could tell you what I really think.

(kids want to be teachers, doctors, pilots, astronauts - noone wants to be a government official dealing with other people drama)

I knew that old institutions would struggle with managing paperwork so I thought - let's put everything on the blockchain. Only later I've learnt it is not allowed, so now I'm talking only about general stuff such as emotional state, not publishing paperwork itself.

You can see some remainders here - open-source divorce - latest post about getting haircut for the Queen. It's a humiliating experience - not being to tell what I really think, not being able to tell that I cannot tell, not... It's a total mess clusterfuck and now I'm experiencing - how deep the rabbit hole goes, when will be the end of the suffering?

There is an amazing festival starting in a few days:

See a post from early this year: It's a little bit too much - can I simply spend some time on a beach?

Two other posts around the same theme: Miami Ultra and coming back to the UK.

True motivation - one person I had a chance to connect a few months ago. At the same time I know - I'm not ready, quite the opposite my life is a total mess right now and chances are I'm better off staying in the UK and doing some spiritual work at the monastery:

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bitnation - Pangea Jurisdiction - decentralized distributed nation

Token sale:

There are so many ICO projects and it’s difficult to differentiate good stuff from scams… Bitnation is as real as it gets. They’ve been around, I’ve heard about Bitnation so many times and now the ICO is getting real.

History of accomplishments

Public notary in collaboration with Estonia was pretty epic. Similar to “proof of existence” by the guy who is now CTO at Open Zeppelin. They are OG of blockchain, OG of crypto.

Core contributors

The list of contributors is pretty massive, substantial.
As always encouraging you to DYOR - do your own research - talk with these guys in person and cross check they are actually invested in the project.


A number of reputable and knowledgeable folks. Personally I’m a big fan and supporter of president of Liberland Vit Jedlicka. His efforts are unprecedented and Liberland is truly revolutionary.
Vinay Gupta who is pretty much everywhere. Rick Falkvinge  -  I think I know him from the Pirate Party.


Amazix for bounties.
Bitcoin Suisse for handling money.
Estonia - they did blockchain partnership some time ago.
Among many others...

Hype level

That’s the thing:

I’m connected directly to the Bitnation bubble, I receive newsletters, I monitor progress daily.

For me it is difficult to tell whether the hype is real.

Bear in mind that very successful project might not be successful in terms of ICO price!


I’m not paying that much attention to it.
Teams have to operate in a lean manner - be able to change.
I hope these guys will execute well.


Token sale:

Always DYOR - do your own research. Bitnation has been around forever, now they are taking it to the next level. What will happen after the ICO? Cannot tell, markets are unpredictable so as always in the crypto space - stay safe...

Sunday, March 11, 2018

From San Juan, Puerto Rico back to the UK?

Facts: passport expiry.
Facts: 6 months VISA in the US allowance.
Facts: Court Date in the UK.

Boom and Burning Man. And some other really cool shit events.

Chances are I'll just send a lawyer to the hearing and arrive to Europe sometimes in June to get a new passport...

That way I'll maximise all the options while not compromising on anything.

Sounds like a deal?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Miami Ultra Music Festival - EDM at its finest - Mar 23, 24, 25, 2018

TLDR: I guess I'm too late to the party. I wish spending $1000 for the tickets was "money is not an issue" for me.

General admission tickets are already sold out but there is always a way:

Flights are cheap, $146 return:;f=SJU;t=MIA,FLL;d=2018-03-21;r=2018-03-27;sel=SJUFLL0NK240

I might have a place to crash, a little bit far away but within reasonable distance:

Back in a day I was saving money.

Then I started making decisions what if money was not an issue?

This time around - I'm somewhere in between - trying to balance energy expense, financial expense too. I would inevitably try to get "high as fuck" and that wouldn't be good to the business. Right now sitting on the fence, I'll make the decision as more information comes in...

(avoiding the temptation entirely could be a way)

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

My favourite hacks usually involve some Twilio magic

Ability to generate any number of phone numbers and receive text messages to confirm you being unique is badass amazing.

Now I know how to do this and I'll use this trick to my disposal.

Love the one-liner:
Screenshot from the dashboard:

Stuff from 2012:

Now I'm in Puerto Rico and I may want to get the actual US number. Too bad I have free, unlimited roaming within my £20 per month package. Sometimes it's free, sometimes it's £6 per MB and clicking on a single link (after disabling every single app in mobile data settings) was something like £30 - disproportionally expensive...

Sunday, February 18, 2018

It's OK to be not OK - one mistake should not reflect on the future...

Guess what happened:

Of course the moment I booked the flight it was insta regret. It was so easy, just go downstairs and bounce ideas...


Back in a day I've created a stub of an article: OK to be not OK - recognise weakness - stay in the flow!

Here is the link.

Totally agree with that:

Opportunities are like buses, there is always another one coming. Just some are bigger than others...

I had a chance to participate in a 6 weeks intensive developer course... It would require some sacrifices on my end, now as I think about it would open many doors. Hustle never ends...


I was a tilt mode.

Made a poor decision with going to a shop, should have stayed in a hotel.

Made a poor decision with chocolate, too worried about melting.

Details, details, tilt mode...


Evening yoga practice helped me restore the balance. Always good to have a reliable mode to press a reset button...

Friday, February 16, 2018 - media platform supported by Mark Cuban

One of the main selling points: Mark Cuban

He is a serial entrepreneur, visionary figure, iconic person, owner of Dallas Mavericks, he is on the TV show “Shark Tank”

That’s why the company uses his name uses his brand. Nothing wrong about it, I’d do exactly the same. If something passes his bullshit detector it’s pretty good indicator of potential success.

Entertainment industry
It is a massive market. Sorry not sorry if I don’t provide an actual number - it’s intuitive - how much money is in the space, how much attention is captivates. We live in attention economy now, and according to white paper they have very decent “time in the app” metrics.

Value of partnerships
As always I’m thinking about incentives. Every single platform wants to keep users on their website. Out of the box there are no incentives to share content to other places.

That’s where Marc Cuban and reputation comes in - to reach to high level decision makers and be legitimate.

Brand and design
I really like their name, brand, logo… It matters how you present the product. Social media game is also quite good.

Existing iOS app
I’ve installed it from the AppStore. It proves that has ability to deliver, not just white paper (vapour) ware.

FOMO factor
$36m sold out in the private sale. I understand there is no public sale. There is only bounty and community airdrop. I’m not sure if that is good - surely they’ve considered various options… It’s impossible to deny $36m from investors but what to do about community - offering airdrop seems like a finding balance.

Airdrops and referrals
Shameless about that, these are referral links, cost nothing to use them.

• Referral link:
• Telegram referral link:

Massive set of advisors
These guys are shaping the space, amazing credentials!

Handy link once again:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Looking for a simple way to exchange contacts in real life...

So Elon Musk is putting Tesla Roadster into Mars orbit.

Now we have 2018 and we still didn't solve a simple problem how to exchange contacts. Not so hypothetical situation from last night:
- we are both at a meetup
- we talk face to face for a few minutes (proximity 1m)
- we want to exchange contacts (proximity of the phones 0.1m)

Note that we both the "latest and greatest" iPhone X, with the following features:
- FaceID
- raise to wake
- listening to "OK Siri"
- automatically connecting to known WiFi networks
- constantly sending location to NSA data centres

I understand there is a privacy concern somewhere - it's OK to prompt me "are you sure to change your contact with..."

It's not Black Mirror - - it's basic usability.

I know there was an app to do that, now it is long gone:

My dream is not to have phone at all. Personal assistant handling social media obligations. Until then - pocket computing device - checking so many things online, extremely practical when travelling...

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

It's a little bit too much - can I simply spend some time on a beach?





Paradox of choice:

Of course I'd much prefer to be on a beach... That's why Miami is so tempting:

Then plan maximum - Chicago and Earth Nation HQ... (around 8 hours driving)

During stay in Florida:

Everything in time to return to London - something I cannot talk - and then some potential options: (15-18 Feb) / (23 Feb - 12 Mar) (22-25 Feb)

Time is the new money. Freedom is the new money. New paradigm... Alternatively, I can always retreat to Wales:


Other notable events:

Defcon: 9-12 August -

(making hacker camps great again)

More seriously cool stuff:

Only the highest vibration, not fluffing around. At the same time - JOMO - joy of missing out, cannot be everywhere.