Monday, October 9, 2017

THREE UK - can you please better communicate that mobile hotspot is not allowed?

Short video illustrating the case:

Since 2011 I'm using Three.

Initially all-you-can-eat data was £15 per month.

As the technology is becoming more affordable, the cost in 2017 is £35 per month.

Three is perfectly OK with disconnecting calls in the middle because account balance is too low. They send text reminders whenever my monthly allowance is about to expire. However, they've never mentioned that the mobile hotspot is not available.

Me talking about unlimited services and showing screenshots of mobile hotspot...

I take full responsibility.

I should take action earlier.

It was only when my friend was investing various 4G providers, it was only on comparison website when I saw that mobile hotspot is limited.

You go to Terms and Conditions, download PDF, 36 pages, from there you go to Price Guide, 20 pages and on the page 5:

My standard rate is $100 per hour.

I work as computer programmer - fast and reliable internet is prerequisite for all the work I do. Not only my productivity was lost, but also my behavioural patters of searching for WiFi were affecting my daily life.

When you drive - do you want car that tells you BRAKES FAILURE or do you want a car that has slightly working brakes and you discover it at 70mph?

Can you please introduce fail safe mechanism? Had I knew that wireless hotspot is not supported on PAYG, I would change to monthly rolling contract.

Link to search results... I'll choose a new mobile plan now, I wish I knew that months ago... THREE - can you please do a better job communicating?

(I really wish it never happened)

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