Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Decisions - choices - flowing - no stress - good life - what do you think?

EDIT / UPDATE: What a chance! My AirBnb apartment is perfect...

Close to the sea, close to the shop, fast internet, swimming pool. Wish I had arrived here a few days ago. Chill, rest, relax... Only then better assess available options.


I remember September - I drove for 5 hours, then cleaned my room as I was permanently moving out. Put stuff in a car and roughly 4am took an Uber to train station to catch the early morning flight to Zurich. I got 1 hour of sleep and my energy wasn’t there…

(I wrote a stub of an article describing concrete circumstances, if you are a ghost writer willing to enhance it - be my guest)

My rough guess is that most of the travellers use hotels to stay overnight. Next time I’m in a similar position I’ll ask for a mid-day, few hours discounted rate. As more and more people are global travellers, moving across the timezones, surely there is demand for such service - I’m your first client.

Not paying £100 for a night but £20-30-40 for a few hours while the room is empty anyway - surely that is more than enough to cover 30 minutes of labour of the cleaning staff, some guest are arriving late in the evening anyway - slight adjustment to the booking system might be required - communicate with guests that you hotel has discount if you book “check-in at 8pm” and the “free money” is coming from guests using your place during the day.

(again I'm digressing and seeing value pretty much everywhere)

Let’s learn from own experience… Roughly a month ago I’ve booked myself flights to Mexico - primarily for DEVCON3 Ethereum Conference. Event is 1-4 November so to allow some time off my flights are / were 27 October till 10 November. Just before the conference I was working tirelessly on fundraising and I didn’t have much time or energy to plan accordingly. Quick google search and airport transfers are valued at $10, bus to somewhere another $10… Car rental: $10 per day. What I didn’t realise - renting a car is hassle, burden, responsibility. And once you have a car you are naturally driven to explore…

Not something I really wanted. I wanted to chill, relax, unwind. Instead - I waited 30 minutes for a shuttle bus that drove 10 minutes around the airport to deliver me to a place that was 5 minutes walk away. Then more wait for the customer service agent and more wait for the car… By this time I knew that it wasn’t the right call, but I wasn’t worried that much. It’s Mexico - maniana - wait time is expected. I wanted to see Hotel Zone in Cancun but I took a “wrong” way on the fork and here I was on the way to Tulum, roughly 130km away… So what do you do? Stay in the flow - go to Tulum, or turn back and stick to original plan?

(additional bonus: Cancun is like Las Vegas, I've arrived on Friday night, what a missed opportunity)

I should have gone back - swim in the Caribbean sea, connect to WiFi - better asses my options… Instead I kept on going, finally got a chance to reconnect with the Ocean but my energy wasn’t there… This is what happens when you work tirelessly and then take more and more responsibilities. And just because on the fork you turned right now left, it’s not and of the world. It’s easier to return after 5km, not committing to 130km when all you need is swim in the sea and some time to figure out what next.

First night - hostel in shipping containers - too close to the road.

(negotiated discount)

Second night - place from NuMundo - also too close to the road.

(negotiated discount)

Finally on the third and fourth night I’ve found some serenity… It took me three hours on a bumpy road to get here. I have a hut 10 meters from the beach. When I asked why no porch - every now and then they have storms, so this time around they’ve built the entrance from another end, that’s why.

(of course I’ve negotiated discount)

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I have same realisations as Oregon Eclipse and Burning Man - the people I value most in my life are not here. I love them so much and my heart aches when I realise - I have all this abundance while they are stuck somewhere and I don’t have a way to communicate with them. I really want to do something for my family and yet… First occasion to talk with soon-to-be-ex will be in 3 weeks - in the courtroom. It’s sad how one bad decision can trigger a lot of unpleasant consequences.

So I mentioned the fundraising?

I have the money. Now that I have it, I am not sure if I want to commit.

See my post. See the video. See the comment.

Trust. Honesty. Integrity. Facts. Truth. Reality.

It is what it is. No kidding. And the best part? I wrote exactly what I mean. Even if I get sued for damages - I’m OK with that - we can always reach an agreement. Of course lawyers would like to sue me - they are paid on the hourly basis and because it is my obvious fault - didn’t complete the purchase in 28 days I’ll have to pay… There is still a few more days before the deadline.

See an email from one of my potential investors. Reproduced without permission. The wisdom speaks for itself, no personally identifying information, just nuggets of knowledge. I’m glad I was able to reach similar position myself - my opportunity cost of borrowing and investing all the money is too high, especially when situation seems like an uphill battle.

as an investor of time and resources one of the most difficult and important lessons that I had to learn was when to cut your losses. in other words you don't follow good money with bad if the investment is in pain, don't continue to to put into it in the hopes that it will turn around in the future. Previous investment is not a valid reason for continued investment. you have to know when to cut your losses, reinvest, and move all. I saw some of the videos you've been posting about the difficulties you're having with the authorities of the United Kingdom and I thought you might want to consider another places.I want to make you aware of A city that has begun excepting crypto currency's for payments of municipal debts. Imagine if you had a disuse chapel in the hills outside of Zug and you could use your BTCs to pay the government taxes and everything.. is something to consider

Sending love, always love. Always learning. Travel = accelerated learning experience. I always had crazy ideas…

I’m going through the divorce according to the UK law. Then we’ll have to dissolve it in the US and Poland, make sure sure bullshit paperwork is in order. At the same time I’d like re-engage according to the universal-cosmic-planetary-human-natural law.

“I’m father of our children and I’ll always support you”

I genuinely think it is fair game.

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