Monday, September 11, 2017

Zurich - Crypto Valley - Finance 2.0 - Essen - Blockchain Hotel - come to Wales - driving from London on 18th Sept

Title of this post has it all.

I'm writing it for myself - so I stay organised - and also for you - to synchronise our plans, to stay in touch. Best contact to reach me: 0044 758 629 4279 - I'm everywhere - Facetime, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal...

Tuesday 07:00 flying from London to Zurich (~£60)

(I’ll sleep at the airport as there are no convenient transport options that early)

I’ll probably take a train to Zug and visit Crypto Valley.  Potentially I’ll find some time to connect with InnMind. If not - there are so many flights between UK and Switzerland and we’ll find a better date. (first I’ll register on the website and offer my services)

Wednesday potentially: (expensive ticket, I may be able to find way around)

Wednesday evening for sure:

Thursday: (CHF 100)

Friday morning flying to Dusseldorf ($112)

I'm a speaker at - use code ASTRAL10 for 10% off.

Monday 15:00 flying from Cologne to London (~€40)

Why Cologne? Cheap flights, only €20 for the train (as opposed €10 for Dusseldorf) and the Cathedral that was 1248–1880 the tallest structure in the world

(it was probably industrial revolution advent of steel and new construction methods that made taller structures possible)

On Monday I’ll pick up my car from London and drive to Wales

It is not expensive at all - time is the new currency, time is the scarcest, non-renewable resource. I’ll make most of my time by connecting with likeminded visionary entrepreneurs. During my visit to the US I told everyone about my travel schedule and the conferences I’m attending - I put some pressure on me - that’s good, otherwise it could be tempted to resolve to some “minimise risk” option and stay at home…

Old archive reference only. It’s all arranged, all booked, all sorted… Next time I’ll make the commitment earlier and be more communicative. Just bear in mind I’ve just returned… Previous post on the road.

Total transparency, full disclosure - I actually started writing this post from a background story - but I didn’t want people I’ve send the link to read about what happened weeks ago, it’s about planning now - one concise, succinct, precise blog post with links and dates is the right form to communicate plans for the next couple of days.

Still recovering, restoring sleep patterns and de-dusting from the playa. Internet never sleeps, money never sleeps. I'm so happy to see that my friend - David - founder of NuMundo is already in Japan, establishing network and prospecting new ventures.

I'm also relatively busy… Within 4 days of arrival I’ve posted 10 articles on Steemit about my divorce. I’ve been meditating on it quite a while… I want everyone to know, I also want everyone to know that I have post-nuptial agreement and businesses I'm working with are safe to invest.

I’m extrovert by nature and at the same time I remain cautious with the stuff I post online - once it is there it stays forever - especially when it is on the blockchain. In the first post I explain my motivation and rationale, primary reason:
• AI (Artificial Intelligence)
• Collective Consciousness
• Crowdsourced Wisdom

I believe in these much more than lawyers who have pervert incentives of charging me hourly rate indefinitely.

Following highest vibration.

I love my children so much, I love my soon-to-be-ex-wife too - many lessons and realisations come with time. So far I’ve published 10 pieces on the blog, I think I’m getting ready to publish 11th piece - story of the Dublin, and how everything went sideways. Are you with me?

(highest vibration, love and light)

Join us in the chapel - Global Solutions Day - - we are building more rooms - so if you are hacker or a space pirate - more than welcome to join! #fuckyeah

Heath and safety - safety third, @stefek99 don't wear clamp on your head! Big #shoutout to @samandhisvan @krzysztofwrzalka @astralliam for all the hard work - making cabins available for hackers and space pirates. We are for real - very often financial capital is an obstacle when buying / acquiring land / building. @nu_mundo and @awakeningsovereignty provide tools, access, community... We are all connected and we are looking more committed people - see - we tried to appear "official" but in reality we stay in the flow - blank canvas for radical innovation. #revolution #healing #cosmic #universe #construction #building PS. It is a historical building with planing permission / restrictions - all the individual cabins are semi-temporary - they will sustain a season or two but longer term we will have to communicate with local planners about make it official - currently flying under the radar #hushhush #trust #honesty #integrity #youdowhatyouhavetodo
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