Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Eleventh HOPE - selling my ticket at the face value... (logistics is complicated)

Logistics is complicated. It's not that cheap to hop over the pond. $150 for the conference ticket is OK, but another $1000+ for the flight and another $1000+ for the lost income is beyond my comfort 

In January when I've purchased the ticket I was full of optimism + "make it happen" + "I'll figure that out" but as the date is approaching quick reality check: Logistics IS complicated.

(obviously I didn't account for accommodation because I've intended to sleep at the venue)

And the exhaustion, and... I'm just too stressed about the stress. It sounds like a limiting belief but I'm worried that I wouldn't fully enjoy the Hope.

There is something special in events and conferences I'm attending. Team of organisers and volunteers putting a show together and then all that effort condensed into 3 days... Peak experience!


It was out of this world...

(I was to EMF2014, 44CON, 32C3, BSidesLDN2016 too)

Arriving to EMF2016 as well.

It was at the event when I've registered the domain:

Some more photos:

I actually skipped my flight on Monday and decided to stay a few days longer... Such events are rare in occurrence (once every couple of years) and yet I find it difficult to organise logistics for the XI Hope - selling ticket at the face value...

(pretty sure it'll be an amazing event)

Contact me anytime, you know where to find me. I think is the easiest way.

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