Sunday, February 28, 2016

PayPal vs Stripe - create "buy now" button and start selling products online

I'm using PayPal all the time - it is fast and convenient - no wonder why it is so popular.

Not that much time ago I thanked them:

Literally - they are so fast, convenient and embedded in the online commerce that they can charge hefty exchange rates (I'm based in the UK and I pay in £££ for goods priced in $$$) and commission. 

As a buyer I know that I'm protected - I can always request a refund - and that's what I did - I paid $350 to get business cards manufactured and delivered - $300 for the physical bits and extra $50 on top of that to pay for the time of the designer to get some basic changes on top of the base design. It was an uphill battle - it was taking several days to change the font... I requested the refund in FB conversation and when it was refused I asked PayPal. for the refund.

Apparently I'm not eligible (see email) but I'm not losing my hope. I treat every difficulty as a business opportunity and currently I'm thinking about establishing Black PR Agency - each time name of this guy appears somewhere on the internet (Google Alerts) I'll introduce myself and leave an honest review. Currently I'm not making this video public just yet... I'd much rather focus on something more productive and I hope that we will resolve this issue.

Something more productive... How about showing people how to quit using PayPal and switch to Stripe!

Attempt 1 (lengthy, I didn't notice one thing)

Attempt 2 (much faster and efficient)

PayPal still remains the fastest way to accept payments online - it doesn't require any coding - just a few clicks and copy and paste. With Stripe it is required to setup your own server - that's beyond reach of general public - they position themselves as "built for developers"...

HMMM... Yet another opportunity :) When you search for "buy now stripe" you'll see some 3-rd party plugins - why not allow people who signed up for Stripe (and are sick and tired of PayPal, just like me) to seamlessly accept the payments? Let me ask at the source and then I'll update this post...

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