Monday, April 7, 2014

Adobe PhoneGap - Apache Cordova - state as of now, Monday 7th April 2014

Trivia: "Cordova" refers to the street the Nitobi office was on when the PhoneGap project first began.

Yesterday I got really confused with Phonegap / Cordova, recent changes to API and CLI (see github issue). It's a great honour to work on the modern stack but it comes with a tradeoff: many rough edges and breaking compatibility - it's not possible to track all the changes in libraries and frameworks.

Tiny summary of posts related to Phonegap and Cordova

(there are so many of them that clearly shows that people are confused with that)

19th January 2014:

TL;DR: If you don’t need to use the cloud build service at PhoneGap Build, just use the Cordova CLI tools, not the PhoneGap ones.

More importantly, whatever you do, do not “mix and match” in a single project. This will only make a big mess.

11th August 2013: (many links, references, examples there)

26th March 2013:

Cordova is the engine driving PhoneGap

19th March 2012: (post by @brianleroux, Adobe evangelist, probably the best source of information)

PhoneGap is a distribution of Apache Cordova. You can think of Apache Cordova as the engine that powers PhoneGap, similar to how WebKit is the engine that powers Chrome or Safari.

I think I would like to use PhoneGap build, or at least give it a try.

Private bitbucket repos are not supported:
(quite a few folks asked about it)

There is even a blog post with a workaround but doesn't seem to work anymore:

Luckily there is fairly simple curl API hack:

zip -r /tmp/ ./*
curl -u -X PUT -F file=@/tmp/

By no means I'm an expert but I try to help people whenever I can.

I know how frustrating it can be when a `hello world` app doesn't fire up. Saving the world for Firebase: (just closed my own issue)

It is so cool that we have full access to the console, including setting breakpoints and stuff.

Some tips on the screenshots below:
- include scripts via script tag (do not inline in html)
- location.reload() for events occurring on startup

BTW, check my previous post on mobile frameworks (tl;dr I bet on Ionic

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