Friday, March 7, 2014

What is the incentive of using public transport?

I'll be attending two events in the months to come. Of course I wish was able to visit SXSW, DefCon, GoogleIO and similar but... Money-wise I'm not just there yet. Wish my personal value and personal brand was strong enough to justify thousands of dollars in accommodation and flights and entry fees.

(invisible hand of the market, supply and demand, thanks to the prices they can ensure there are always places available)


I also offered to share a room on Makespace mailing list and suggested an explanation to why on earth trains are so expensive!
- if you are poor: you travel by car and waste 4 hours focusing on road conditions (and by the time you are arrive you are too tired to do any work)
- if you are wealthy: you can sit, enjoy WiFi, power socket and do some work (that will make you even more wealthy)


vs renting a car:

It is still more expensive (note EUR and GBP signs) but I really value my flexibility and freedom. Maybe we will find another two to share the expense?

But then again: flexibility and freedom. Wish I was able to never look at the price tag again but always choose the most value.

(Facebook album from 2010 trip - just made it public)

To the moon!

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