Monday, February 17, 2014

Windows Phone - app disaster #firstimpressions

I recently joined Qualcomm and I borrowed one of the test devices - Nokia Lumia 925 (one of the recent flagship models) running Windows Phone 8. First impressions - not so positive. I'm missing many popular apps.

Take for instance SnapChat - aren't they concerned about brand and trademark?

Want to use gmail?


(none of these apps is official)

Want to install another browser?


(would you like to pay for your Chrome?)

Gmail web

I had two more screenshots for you. But apparently I cannot share them. "Can't download tags at the moment" whatever it means.

This is a compose window in Gmail. Pretty disastrous, isn't it?

So who is Windows Phone for?

I believe it might be the Office integration / access / features. Haven't tried them really but for some it might be the key.

Shame I didn't become Windows developer

(I know my pattern of spending cash on domains and regretting it later, on this occasion I kept £32 for myself)

I regret for not pushing it forward. I got everything up and running really, I was just disappointed by quality.



Sunday 15th June 2014 update: 
I want to have more storage for recording videos.
So I want to delete downloaded maps.
1) I need to connect to WiFi (as if listing existing maps wasn't available offline)
2) There is no option to delete particular items, only 'Delete all'
(Not sure if I should leave it like that - maybe it's my job to save the world?)

(I just can't be bothered I'd rather be doing - hence the title of this blog: MOSTLY DOING)

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