Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Is Keepod really a revolutionary project?

TLDR: You should go and fund Keepod:

Keepod is a revolutionary project, I believe in their mission and I really want them to succeed!

Their primary target is Africa but I know some 1st world customers who may find it useful... (I would personally use it)

I like to travel light. I like to walk around town without carrying anything. For instance: I don't need a bottle of water, I can easily buy one for 50p or use a tap. The mental burden of carrying a bag / backpack / unnaturally filling my pockets isn't worth the effort.

But there are very few things I can do without a computer. Best I can do without it is type on mobile: "excuse brevity, I'm on the go, expect proper reply soon" (wish I could do better than that)

One essential part is not having to carry around, another one is to not damage your machine. UK is famous for "less than average" weather, electronic equipment and humidity are not the best friends. That leads me a question - how South East Asia travellers deal with monsoon rainfalls? (presumably travelling in wet season is no go)

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When travelling around Cambridge I actually tried a few things:
 using Time Machine - my review here - eventually sold it. Funny part - just before dispatching it to buyer I've reinstalled operating system and realised how much time I had to invest in retrieving all the software, all the settings. I actually wanted to keep it (yet posted it to avoid negative feedback on eBay)

insuring via "my essentials" insurance package from American Express. I'm paying £9.99 a month to secure all electronic gadgets (up to £1500 worth), lost keys (flat, car) and some other valuable items I don't really appreciate (such as perfumes)

3D-printed holder for an iPhone - but it still requires carrying equipment around, it is not practical.

still on search for perfect setup. Trying not fall into analysis paralysis, using what I have and keeping eyes wide open for emerging technology.

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Once upon a time I used to work for Citrix - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citrix_Systems - working in the company whose core business is virtualisation allows you to shift your mindset - separating software from hardware.
I don't understand corporate politics and legal consequences. Although I'm primarily Mac user there are circumstances I need to use Windows with native performance.

There are some alternatives:
c9.io - they first arrived to my consciousness
PocketVM from fonleap - I met with Alban Rustemi at Ideaspace and we discussed a few reasons why this project isn't successful (just yet). Think: have you seen any terminals scattered around town? :]

(I really want to de-attach myself from hardware)

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Last night I was in the process of writing an email: "I really like our project"... Then I realised - it's all worthless until I show them my support. Giving money is the highest form of appreciation :)

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