Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to communicate in a small, self-organised group?


1) eotopia.org (vegan eco-village based on gift economy)
2) I try to find right way communicate in the group

After half an hour of attempts to set a conference call for 20 people on Skype group decided to have conference chat:

As I have very recent experiences about group communication among London Hackspace, Cambridge Makespace (mailing list and forum), Cambridge K1 (mailing list for everyone and members only) , IndieWebCamp IRC... 

Just to keep track and collect thought I put everything into a GoogleDoc - Communication for groups (anyone can comment) 

If you have more to say and feel like you can do better - please email me for edit access - mstefanow@gmail.com

My feeling: technology is there. It is the people problem:

(I tried to solve wrong problem - automated phonecall won't change anything - I just wanted to play with technology)

In my opinion people have:
- various levels of commitment
- their own personal matters
- intermittent access to the internet

Only a motivated individuals can ensure everything runs smoothly. I'm not the one - I talk mostly with computers and goal of my job is automate everything I do... So for the third time link to the very same GoogleDoc: how to communicate in a small group? (feedback greatly appreciated)

UPDATE 21 may 2014:
So many companies I know are using Slack. From their job page:
Slack is a new platform for team communication — "All your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, and available wherever you go" — which launched in February 2014.
They are doing great job and if you want to be part of my community drop me an email: mstefanow@gmail.com 

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