Thursday, November 14, 2013

Silicon Milkroundabout | Creativity is Evil

Today is the day when everyone is tweeting about TechCrunch article - 3 beards - nice one!

At the same time I see tweets about another startup event - Silicon Milkroundabout (6th edition).

We are all connected - I still remember first edition of the latter - see my photoset on Flickr. Michael Acton made the best presentation ever (throwing MindCandies all over the place). But being a photographer didn't get me a job. Begging to get a job, didn't get me a job (sell your mistake). Being different didn't get me a job.

(trust me, I was the only guy wearing suit at the startup event)

Differentiate or die?

Creativity is *EVIL*. Shut up. Noone hires you for being "creative". Your job is to do your job, nothing else. There are metrics, checkins, sprints, releases, stakeholders. I want to challenge these (substantially true) statements... 

Would you like to work with me for a week? (all other human species in my flat is travelling mid January)

(you know where to find me)

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