Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gamification of everything

I love competition and rivalry - that keeps me engaged and motivated.

Couple of years ago I was semi-professional bridge player - in a sense that I was doing this all the time and was paid a little money to do it. I quit and now there is a fully professional movement - Bridge24 - their members are now in Indonesia:

Wish money was never an issue and I could join them. 


There are so many competitions these days, to name just a few:

Google X Prize

($30m to go to the moon)


Facebook - keyword extraction:

(my MSc dissertation topic was "information extraction from short textual messages" so maybe the time has come to put it into practice)

Escape from /dev/null

(last weekend in Krakow was legendary)

Have a look - - there is always someone who can do this better. Wish money was never the issue and I could set the rules. It is rewarding. So far I did it a few times, here is an example on bountify - I was in charge, I was giving orders, I was managing people. Valuable experience, well worth time and money.

Mating game

Isn't it a rivalry after all?

Happy are those who don't have to compete anymore:

Approach is 360 deg flush mounted tiny cameras + radar (prob not lidar). Lot of software & hardware level image processing.

Yesterday I've ordered camera module to Raspberry Pi... Will see how it goes :) 

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