Thursday, June 6, 2013

Choices, choices, choices (hosting)

"What Tools Developers Actually Use" - infographic - here is the extract:

One year ago I've signed up for Dreamhost affiliate programme and created a promo code giving me a huge discout. Now, time has come for renewal and I'm pretty puzzled:

How possibly can I estimate the value over the course of 10 years? I like their service but on the other hand:
  • they offer unlimited service - it is very likely to be abused by others - my performance suffers
  • if I were to deploy some ruby / node / java / C# apps - I'd either choose VPS or dedicated service
  • I know cheap and trusted hosting provider that has some limits but I can serve large content from CDN / Amazon / YouTube / PhotoBucket

(sorry I won't give you the name as they don't have affiliate programme and I don't my QoS to be reduced)

I believe that it'll take me some time to reconfigure nameservers / emails (catch-all) but at the same time this will allow me to have a fresh start with all my domains. Or maybe I should just pay 120$ as my target rate is 100$ per hour and I'll definitely spend more that hour fixing all the sites?

That is why the title of this post is "choices, choices, choices"... :)

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