Monday, November 5, 2012

Charity Hack

Thank you so much,

It was a fantastic weekend!

[shameless self promotion] 
Selling everything, everything must go (moving to London babe)
[/shameless self promotion] 

[update 1] Video:

[update 2] Press coverage:

- Jamie Parkins
- #charityhack


- failure of HDD, purchased SSD
- installed Hackint0sh
- not quite happy with lack of WiFi support
- resulted in Win8
- no tools, no nothing, fresh install


- careful planning (bus, train, tube, walk)
- minor delay, ended up being 41st (no RasPi on this occassion)
- rushing to get demo recorded (and then went straight to the party)
- return via Google Campus and Hackspace
- productive 45 mins on the train to Cambridge (just enough to write this post, formatting at home)

Charity Hack:

- the smartest people, the latest and greatest technologies
- I mean this is crowd to hang out with
- PayPal: backbone of the internet
- abundance of premium food and drinks
- seriosuly there was a cool supply of goodies

250k Angel Hack:

- next weekend
- same time as SilliconMilkroundabout
- Lord Sugar offers 250k (BBC The Apprentice)
- Springboard effective valuation is 250k (3 founders 5k each for 6% shares, see article)
- recover, plan, prepare: GET YOURSELF READY !!!


- Twisted Records - independent label with vibrant history
- classic, theatrical venue (Troxy)
- people coming from Japan, Australia, US to see it LIVE
- some of them stranded because of the hurracine and flights cancellation
- fantastic staff, all the contractors (bar, cloakroom, security)  doing their job dilligently


- received fantastic feedback
- let it go completely, was in the flow, was having fun
- got it recorded, headmount camera as Google Glass for poor
- need to practice pronouncation and dealing with awkward questions
- will do this for the living as community manager at Basho (makers of Riak)

(mobile screenshot of a tweet containing...)


- I knew the winners in sense I knew who is going to win :)
- having seen their progress on Saturday I was opting do some work and join them
- apparently there were no more work to do
@pornelski and @noamso were ready to go on Sunday morning
- all they were doing on Sunday were rephrasing call-to-actions and prepping for the demo!

Random thoughts:

- there is a notion of "reinventing email" - see presentation
- technical problems apply to everyone, live with it
- mind your target audience, hack for lulz OK, talk with VC is not
- London, Richmond, mansion (Whittaker House), PayPal, Twisted... (good to be in a good company)
- like the concept of sepating hardware and intellectual property (cheap disposable devices, just like RasPi)


- 45 likes and 2 comments in 27 minutes (twitter)
- DLR  (twitter)
- seriously cool car in Shoreditch (instagram)
- RFID door to IRC channels (internet of things, Google Campus, Hackspace)
- Basho at night:

About me:

- reinventing myself:

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