Friday, August 10, 2012

What's the reason of find my iPhone if it does not work without internet access?

Post inspired my noble case described hereWiredHacker News, etc...

What's use of  find my iDevice one may wonder?

Apple forum"But the reality is most thieves are well versed in how to restore a stolen iPad as a new device, so it's probably lost for good."

Apparently there is nothing that could prevent prevent serious crime. It only works if you left your phone in a  cafe for 5 mins. Here is some marketing on Apple website. Exactly, it does not protect from theft, just against misplacing:

Additionally: There are some security features on Mac:
Is there any thief who not knowing the password is able to the connect computer o WiFi? Cannot really wait for the first PR stunt similar CIA Prey case. IMO false sense of security is worse than no security. 

Stay reasonable

There are kensington locks to "deterrent to prevent opportunist theft". Why don't include GPS sensor in high-end, special purposes laptops (e.g. toughbooks) and market them as an improved security?

Discussion on Make (from 2006) with some links and again some PR bullshit  (see report on Intel / Dell):

Hardware is actually peanuts: Average laptop replacement: $1,582.22, roughly 3% of total cost!

Estimated cost of intellectual property of business information is extreme case is $250m. Do basic math, that is why the average is ridiculously high. Another interesting finding: having the backup increases the costs of lost laptop!

Stay reasonable 

Here is my explanation: there were 130 laptops in the survey. Only part of them had a backup. Assumption: people who have backups do have data to backup. Thus the average cost of stolen laptop with backup was higher... By no means having the backup increases the cost of stolen laptop, it was just me rephrasing the sentence to add some dramatic effect.

You should do it: I did it long time ago and I sleep really well - 2-step auth for Gmail, follow Matt Cutts.

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