Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to enable Google Voice outside the US?

You cannot have Google Voice outside the US, do you? That's a shame... Well... I actually managed to do it :)

Simple steps:
• In order to have Google Voice you need to be based in US
• Use VPN.
• Create fresh Google Acount.
• Confirm your phone number (type in "50" when called) 
• Have phone number. 
• Buy from Twilio: 1$ / month.
• Set up basic response.
Support forum: record DTFM! Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling - all these beep sounds are just predifined frequencies. 
• 4 lines of code

It's all about comunication!

After experiencing Twilio I can absolutely positively say: this is the way to incorporate calling and texting into your app. It is so simple. Now it comes with texting support in 150 countries! Wish I could go into the wild and observe how people are using their mobiles. I'm just aware that living in UK with newest Apple gear, unlimited 3G, fast-reliable broadband and working in the the Cloud I have no real image on how people are using technology (I live in the bubble) "mobile banking in some African countries has reached extraordinary levels"


Who is already incorporating texting into the apps?

Airbnb is doing it really well, although it is missing 00 before country code and response is not delivered. Bug or feature?

Speaking of Airbnb - I do really enjoy all UI and user experience! Fantastic job, made with love. Register on Airbnb to visit our Hacker House it's only £13.37 per night.  Here is my CouchSurfing profile so now you know that this not about the money. I invite world to come to my place because we don't travel much at the moment and here is why:

Meet Gaia, my beloved daughter! :)

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