Saturday, December 19, 2009

working on QT

porting Qt 4 to Windows CE and Windows Mobile

Windows CE / Mobile

Qt and Windows CE | a cross-platform C++ framework for mobile devices

One response to my topic on QT forum, my response to the response:
First I've started with deploying demo application on emulator device, then I started to link QT library... After failure I've talk with my supervisor and he adviced me to search for a direct connection between QT and mobile platform.

qt-labs-mobile-demos | might come in handy

Installing Qt on Windows CE

To configure Qt for Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC, type the following:
configure -platform win32-msvc2005 -xplatform wincewm50pocket-msvc2005
Then to build Qt type:

I wish the solution is so much easier, the compilation of this peace of software lasts for so long...

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