Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is Sparta

SEM | it's good to be familiar with this term.

socialnomics | source of this video with sources and comments here

One of the blogs I'm always reading, maybe I should make a RSS subscription: antyweb.pl | viral:

Another interesting slides. Although I know that personal profile for a brand might be deleted in every moment we've got no choice. And I think that being the creator and worker on one particular campaign will give me a lot of experience.

Quite interesting and funny tutorial how to promote your blog (in polish) | here | just inserting links, haven't read yet | Public Pages vs Public Profiles | 10przykazań | Use Questions to Enhance Reader Engagement on Your Blog | Calling bullshit on social media | blip.tv | Plebs podnosi głowę | phygital | dailytech | coca-cola case

Solemnly announcing: using google reader (finally)

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