Tuesday, November 10, 2009

social media stuff

Comment form below posts in one of my blog isn't displaying. I double checked the template on another blog and there it works fine. After several hours of pointless efforts I've changed my mind - instead of changing template it'll be hundred times quickier to move all post. By the way I'll learn how to use blogger backuping if I decide to do it at once.

I knew that I'm allowed to change. I didn't know that they:

That's why I had to erase profile and do everything again again:

Erasure looks like that, I panicked a little I admit. I should have change login to something useful, rather that appending "niehalo" suffix. Login change may occur only once, a few hours of my work is lost, not first, not the last time.

Did you know that fotka.pl requires mobile phone to register, name field is constrained to predefined values and when adding friends you need to specify whether it is "real" or "virtual" friend? Moreover, have you ever heard of glitery.pl? This is my friend website and as far as I'm concerned it operates quite well.

I'll probably figure out more privacy issues in fotka.pl later, due to my account progresses. Myspace privacy issues don't allow 13 years old users to have public profile (I wanted to make date of birth easy to memorize by changing only one digit - decade - from my own one).What's more it's impossible to change date of birth upon completing registration. That's why I had to delete previous account and create it once again:

Actually it's done and previous url and mail is used, but every such pitfall causes loss of time and a lot of frustration.

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