Friday, October 9, 2009

rational rhapsody

Trial download: Rational Rhapsody 7.5.0 (IBM):

Of course I've filled registration form but it is not enough:

Surprisingly the goal of the laboratories isn't creating working project but to get to know this software and methods of programming related to it. For me it sounds like do whatever want, in worst case you'll say that it's the software fault. Anyway I'm worried about upcoming semester at the university, right now is Friday evening and I don't even consider partying anywhere.

LOL, in one moment they earned very much in my eyes:
Dear Stefan,
Your business with Rational Modeler is very important to us. We are sorry that your
previous transaction with us did not go through. We have fixed this
error in your account. Please return to the Rational Modeler web site to resubmit
your transaction. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


It's hard to be in touch with mgr inż. Witold Rakoczy:

Everyone knows it, everyone tells that you need to adapt or die. On Saturday I'm going to visit him, anyway it was funny when I found topic related to his behaviour:

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