Thursday, September 17, 2009

my request is in regard to the - "Want to contribute?" - BY ALL MEANS! :)

I am a 23 years old student of informatics at AGH Universtity of Science and Technology in Cracow (Poland). Due to a rapid development, strict formed data and accessible API I would like to designate my master thesis to the Twitter related topic. My promoter is the PhD at the Department of Computer Linguistics and our first pick was vaguely to analyse the semantic meaning of tweets.

Do you have suggestions about the dissertation topic?
Do you have any pending requests or prospect features you want to develop?

I will browse known issues, I will think thoroughly about the topic but still - your suggestion might be very helpful. Even the shortest one (like "good luck") will encourage me to more intensive research.

Best regards
Michał Stefanów (stefek99)

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