Wednesday, September 20, 2017

#jomo (joy of missing out) cannot be everywhere?

#jomo - overheard that at Oregon Eclipse - so many things and stages happening at once - absolutely impossible to be everywhere.

Stephen Brooks founder of Punta Mona and Envision festival aced the permaculture track and for me he was the star of the festival. Invaluable information, cannot praise enough his energy and his knowledge - right now my job is to get my act together and think of the best ways how I can contribute. Not about me, him, anyone's ego - picking the winning team and area of work where I could truly make a difference.

Same #jomo rule applies to Burning Man - all the things, all the time - absolutely impossible to be everywhere... Sleep is probably the best option - it's a weeklong festival in the very harsh weather conditions. I had a chance to spend some quit time outside the noise of the city... It was so quiet that you could here a single fly buzzing around. In the evening, as temperature dropped there were more animals coming to life.

You can read more about my time in the US - here - I had a rare chance to connect with many visionary leaders - thank you so much for this experience.

Had a few days to push the divorce forward - everything documented in the open-source manner on the blockchain: (I actually met the couple who "first marriage on the blockchain", just Google it)

Speaking of blockchain - here is the blogpost with crypto travel plans - because of moving from London, driving back and forth to the chapel. I was tired and I recognised that. I was able to minimise the damage and spent delightful time at Google's offices for Startup Grind. Here is the slightly extended draft of the story - a few keywords that require fleshing out.

(quality over quantity, maybe some ghostwriter will pick up this task) 

• Bitcoin Switzerland
• Finance 2.0
• ICOSummit

Blockchain Hotel was aces, thank you Gideon, Gökhan and team. Really well done, I don't want to wait till next year...

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Immediately upon return visited Pillar offices to help them with upcoming hackathon and collectively decided that it is better to postpone. Very same day was another meetup, the following day too:


It is outright crazy.
So many things happening.
Enjoy the ride.

Integration. Procession. Introspection. Journey inwards.

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