Monday, September 25, 2017

Bundling multiple 4G connections - fast and reliable internet

I'm currently based at chapel.

Because of that I have a chance to better observe that are our immediate needs.

We use combination of 4G (up to 100mbps / 40mbps) and BT brodband (5mpbs / 0.5mpbs).

For quite a while we didn't have "broadband" because the speeds were a joke, the only reason it is in place - practical for all the Raspberry Pi and other hardware projects.

Internet is an issue. Not complaining - putting money where my mouth is. The 4G is fast but requires more infrastructure, chapel is large, we have thick stone walls, it all depends where you are. We need to have fast internet everywhere all the time.

So here is the plan - bundle multiple, unlimited 4G connections - a few Android phones in a weather proof box outside the chapel - direct line of sight with the base station. And a machine that is able to tap into these connections and then relay unified signal - doable?

I've called a few internet companies from the list, now it's time for a massive action - call every single one of them and propose a competition / tender / contest- we have architectural plans - we should design cable layout to cope with our load. While we are doing this, we will ensure each individual room has electric sockets - currently we use extension cords - safety third.

Fiber is coming, the 4G box will be reused at other location, infrastructure at the astralship will remain in place.

Honesty disclaimer.

I'm made of love. As I grow older I'm learning how to grow thorns. Here is my set of core values - where I explain situations when it is allowed to lie and break agreements.

Fuck yeah! So now you know, but at least it is documented on wiki - in a fully transparent, open-source way. My divorce is also fully transparent, documented on the blockchain. It's a liberating experience... I really wish the reality was working like that - trust, honesty, integrity - as the core values - life is much more than a zero sum game...

(I think live streaming software was depleting all the bandwidth, simultaneously to that my phone was saying 100mbps)

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