Monday, August 28, 2017

Earth Nation - ASC - United Earth - planetary council - pioneers of a new paradigm

I'm in the United States now.

My previous post about travel plans is no longer accurate.

I was waiting on the side of the road for a few hours and then I got a message from someone on Craigslist and decided to spend this time in a cafe, doing some work (random stuff) on a computer.

Writing helps with clarity of thinking - it gives a reference point - it allows to look back and see things from the time perspective.

I had honour and the privilege to connect with leaders of the ASC. 

I love these guys so much - soul family - cosmic tribe - high energy people who are pushing the limits of what is possible... I've never seen in my life such degree of commitment, integrity, vision... I have confidence that what we do is right.

Over the past couple days I made some sub-optimal decisions... I need to accept that - new country, new reality, new behaviours, new customs... It's OK to make mistakes, it's not OK to dwell on the past. Nature of the Universe is chaotic - atoms spinning at the speed of light - it is miracle that human consciousness reached such sophisticated levels... I don't claim any superpowers, at the same time I'm realising that every human is on a mission, and the first task is to find out what it is. I'm recovering from a difficult relationship and years of employment - my goal now is to restore balance and integrity - I think I'm doing relatively well and is a beautiful example.

If everything goes well I'll meet with a guy in Reno (sourcing the ticket) and then proceed to the Playa. I'm not really prepared... All the little failures along the way cost me effort, energy, anxiety... I have enough uphill battle, flow over resistance.

I'm looking for an intern / apprentice / assistant - someone I could teach everything I know and help step into leadership role. I'm not a leader and yet I "pretend", I act as one - I have clarity of vision and ... Manifesting a new beautiful vision.

• European Bitcoin Tour?
• Hacker Trip To China?

(it's all hard work, believe me)