Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Travel plans - Summer 2017 and beyond

EDIT / UPDATE - Sun 27 Aug 16:40 - new post on the road - time of accelerated learning, many realisations, flow over resistance.

(spiritual gangsters, author: deep learning style transfer)

The biggest event this Summer, by orders of magnitude is Oregon Eclipse. I got tickets on the first day they went on sale and I was determined to go. Due to family circumstances - it is not longer practical, enjoyable, desirable... I keep my options open and I'm still considering flying to the US - to observe the eclipse at the point of the longest duration but it's unlikely I'll be at the festival.

(that is meta - blog post embedding the tweet linking to the post)

So here is the travel schedule as of now:

20-24 July - Hungary - S.U.N. (tickets and flights sorted)

4-8 August - Netherlands - SHA2017 (tickets and flights sorted)

10-13 August - BoomTown - ticket scam, my energy went down, will figure it out

14-15 September - Germany - BlockchainHotel.de - see who is speaking

Equinox: https://astralship.org/equinox

(we anticipate that many people will arrive early and stay longer)

6-10 October - Czech Republic - Hackers Congress Institute of Cryptoanarchy - submitted CFP

(flying around Europe is like travelling from state to another in the US)

Some people take days off at work to get some rest. I work in a job that does not require a significant effort - going to the office gives a chance to recover and restore circadian rhythm after high energy event.

Luckily not much longer, I'm ready to take charge of my life and constantly resonating at the highest frequency.  Creating tools, systems, regimes, discipline allowing me to flow and be consistently high on life. It is happening it is for real:

A few days ago I've send the message - random act of kindness, paying it forward - Universe provides.

My vibrational frequency is ready - £50k is a sizeable chunk of money - something I'd have to work for a year and reduce spending to have such an amount in my bank account. Luckily we are talking BTC 17zVA88xk4Ma7Cza4NXGYcP4Z1Qz7TUdzV or ETH 0x85A363699C6864248a6FfCA66e4a1A5cCf9f5567 here and I know many people recently 10x their wealth and I'm giving them another chance to go 10x...

I'm cautiously enthusiastic.
Enthusiastic because I can see it coming.
Cautious because I need to stay grounded.
That overnight success is coming come after months of effort.

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