Monday, July 17, 2017

Random act of kindness - pay it forward - helping homeless (for real)

Posted album to FB with some 360° photos from Nosily and FinTechWeek. I was surrounded by astronomically wealthy people and my energy must have been really right - I was approached by a few homeless guys and decided to tap into the infinite abundance and prosperity - universe provides...

Business and entrepreneurship are the fastest vehicles of change.

To have financial abundance allows to put energy into motion...

Sometimes I think I should be more frugal with my expenses. On this occasion - random act of kindness - pay it forward experiment.



He was working, sleeping rough, saving money. Then sickness, accident, no longer able to work, no longer able to move.

He has appointment with NHS in the next couple of weeks. He has hope as finally someone diagnosed the core issues and he will be able to heal.

Right now he needs an electric wheelchair.

TODO: contact charities that provide electric wheelchairs.


I knew that £5 or £10 will not change the situation in any way.
I knew that it is almost impossible to gather enough money to pay for the flight back home.
I knew that online booking, check-in, printing boarding pass would be extremely difficult.
I was worried that if he remains in London, he'll get into trouble with his health... The story of Jaffa and one disaster leading to another.

Note: I paid for his travel to Gatwick Airport and gave him some food. I didn't give him cash to purchase bus ticket in Bulgaria - he can always hitchhike, that is simple enough... That actually made feel bad that I didn't follow through but you know what? I did a small miracle and quite literally I was tired.

TODO: Ensure he arrived safely home.

Random act of kindness - pay it forward

Screenshot from Google Doc - we have a genuine investment opportunity - this is what we do right now:

BTC: 17zVA88xk4Ma7Cza4NXGYcP4Z1Qz7TUdzV

Here the reasons why I'm not going to run away with your money:

  1. Reputation is something you build for years, one moments it's gone. My grandfather on Wikipedia: Mieczysław Stefanów
  2. I've already invested 12 months worth of income and 6 months of life. We are here to stay.
  3. I'm already making good money, it's easier to earn that to steal. Time is critical, pedal to the metal, striking while the iron is hot.

Thank You Universe 🦄

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