Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Decisions - choices - flowing - no stress - good life - what do you think?

EDIT / UPDATE: What a chance! My AirBnb apartment is perfect...

Close to the sea, close to the shop, fast internet, swimming pool. Wish I had arrived here a few days ago. Chill, rest, relax... Only then better assess available options.


I remember September - I drove for 5 hours, then cleaned my room as I was permanently moving out. Put stuff in a car and roughly 4am took an Uber to train station to catch the early morning flight to Zurich. I got 1 hour of sleep and my energy wasn’t there…

(I wrote a stub of an article describing concrete circumstances, if you are a ghost writer willing to enhance it - be my guest)

My rough guess is that most of the travellers use hotels to stay overnight. Next time I’m in a similar position I’ll ask for a mid-day, few hours discounted rate. As more and more people are global travellers, moving across the timezones, surely there is demand for such service - I’m your first client.

Not paying £100 for a night but £20-30-40 for a few hours while the room is empty anyway - surely that is more than enough to cover 30 minutes of labour of the cleaning staff, some guest are arriving late in the evening anyway - slight adjustment to the booking system might be required - communicate with guests that you hotel has discount if you book “check-in at 8pm” and the “free money” is coming from guests using your place during the day.

(again I'm digressing and seeing value pretty much everywhere)

Let’s learn from own experience… Roughly a month ago I’ve booked myself flights to Mexico - primarily for DEVCON3 Ethereum Conference. Event is 1-4 November so to allow some time off my flights are / were 27 October till 10 November. Just before the conference I was working tirelessly on fundraising and I didn’t have much time or energy to plan accordingly. Quick google search and airport transfers are valued at $10, bus to somewhere another $10… Car rental: $10 per day. What I didn’t realise - renting a car is hassle, burden, responsibility. And once you have a car you are naturally driven to explore…

Not something I really wanted. I wanted to chill, relax, unwind. Instead - I waited 30 minutes for a shuttle bus that drove 10 minutes around the airport to deliver me to a place that was 5 minutes walk away. Then more wait for the customer service agent and more wait for the car… By this time I knew that it wasn’t the right call, but I wasn’t worried that much. It’s Mexico - maniana - wait time is expected. I wanted to see Hotel Zone in Cancun but I took a “wrong” way on the fork and here I was on the way to Tulum, roughly 130km away… So what do you do? Stay in the flow - go to Tulum, or turn back and stick to original plan?

(additional bonus: Cancun is like Las Vegas, I've arrived on Friday night, what a missed opportunity)

I should have gone back - swim in the Caribbean sea, connect to WiFi - better asses my options… Instead I kept on going, finally got a chance to reconnect with the Ocean but my energy wasn’t there… This is what happens when you work tirelessly and then take more and more responsibilities. And just because on the fork you turned right now left, it’s not and of the world. It’s easier to return after 5km, not committing to 130km when all you need is swim in the sea and some time to figure out what next.

First night - hostel in shipping containers - too close to the road.

(negotiated discount)

Second night - place from NuMundo - also too close to the road.

(negotiated discount)

Finally on the third and fourth night I’ve found some serenity… It took me three hours on a bumpy road to get here. I have a hut 10 meters from the beach. When I asked why no porch - every now and then they have storms, so this time around they’ve built the entrance from another end, that’s why.

(of course I’ve negotiated discount)

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I have same realisations as Oregon Eclipse and Burning Man - the people I value most in my life are not here. I love them so much and my heart aches when I realise - I have all this abundance while they are stuck somewhere and I don’t have a way to communicate with them. I really want to do something for my family and yet… First occasion to talk with soon-to-be-ex will be in 3 weeks - in the courtroom. It’s sad how one bad decision can trigger a lot of unpleasant consequences.

So I mentioned the fundraising?

I have the money. Now that I have it, I am not sure if I want to commit.

See my post. See the video. See the comment.

Trust. Honesty. Integrity. Facts. Truth. Reality.

It is what it is. No kidding. And the best part? I wrote exactly what I mean. Even if I get sued for damages - I’m OK with that - we can always reach an agreement. Of course lawyers would like to sue me - they are paid on the hourly basis and because it is my obvious fault - didn’t complete the purchase in 28 days I’ll have to pay… There is still a few more days before the deadline.

See an email from one of my potential investors. Reproduced without permission. The wisdom speaks for itself, no personally identifying information, just nuggets of knowledge. I’m glad I was able to reach similar position myself - my opportunity cost of borrowing and investing all the money is too high, especially when situation seems like an uphill battle.

as an investor of time and resources one of the most difficult and important lessons that I had to learn was when to cut your losses. in other words you don't follow good money with bad if the investment is in pain, don't continue to to put into it in the hopes that it will turn around in the future. Previous investment is not a valid reason for continued investment. you have to know when to cut your losses, reinvest, and move all. I saw some of the videos you've been posting about the difficulties you're having with the authorities of the United Kingdom and I thought you might want to consider another places.I want to make you aware of A city that has begun excepting crypto currency's for payments of municipal debts. Imagine if you had a disuse chapel in the hills outside of Zug and you could use your BTCs to pay the government taxes and everything.. is something to consider

Sending love, always love. Always learning. Travel = accelerated learning experience. I always had crazy ideas…

I’m going through the divorce according to the UK law. Then we’ll have to dissolve it in the US and Poland, make sure sure bullshit paperwork is in order. At the same time I’d like re-engage according to the universal-cosmic-planetary-human-natural law.

“I’m father of our children and I’ll always support you”

I genuinely think it is fair game.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Looking for a job in London

My last day in the office was 16th August. Then I flew to San Francisco, Oregon Eclipse, Burning Man... Progressing with the open-source divorce on the blockchain, attended 4 Bitcoin events back-to-back, started living full time on the astralship.org - I did my fair bit of "crazy stuff" and I was looking forward to quiet lifestyle - working on personal projects, not worrying too much.

And then: ebenezer.wales happened - I've purchased the chapel.

My latest, updated version of the CV on Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LNoWURR7vIo6laX0exSZb6UzAJfS2hGKbYAvQ71p_2A/edit#

The best programmers I know are autistic :) Yeah, you've heard it right: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asperger_syndrome

I'm not kidding. Programming requires undivided attention for extended period of times:

People with Asperger syndrome can display behavior, interests, and activities that are restricted and repetitive and are sometimes abnormally intense or focused. 

I'm not derogatory or anything - I'm just stating the obvious facts. If you are a coder, and your genes gave you ability to stay focused - hit a jackpot - not teaching elephant how to dance, using natural talents that give you edge. You don't blame runners for having long legs, do you?

Just don't use date of birth as any form of security. It's public knowledge, same applies to my address and phone number. You always know where to find me, I'm not running anywhere, especially now - https://ebenezer.wales - I'm a weird financial situation

- too little for banks to consider mortgage
- too much for me to afford outright
- poor credit history due to maxing out 0% credit cards
- "friends and family" coming to the the rescue

As I think about it - many of my London connections, single guys earning very good money - for some reason they are not keen to lend money... Reaching a conclusion - people have money because they do not give / lend money. I was living in a mindset of infinite prosperity and abundance - supporting various projects, initiatives, friends, businesses. I always had a deep belief in the universe - universe provides, fortune favours the bold - right now I'm getting my act together. Going back to work and this time around I'm motivated 100%...

In order to afford the chapel I'll sell my Bitcoins. So be it, I'll earn British Pounds and at the very first occasion I'll restore my savings. Some people say Bitcoin is risky - I do not agree to that - it's more risky to keep money in a bank, completely outside your control. Deutsche Bank collapsing - they didn't collapse just yet, agreed on $7.2b fine. Cyprus shaving 20% of your bank deposits? Here you are: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012-13_Cypriot_financial_crisis. US, China, Russia combined cannot stop Bitcoin:

I got my first Bitcoin back in 2013 - just 1 for £73 - I've lost some at MtGox - I've made some poor investments at the peak of the bubble... All in all - I'm break even. My attempts to trade - always making loss.

It is true - you should not trade, I should not trade. It's almost impossible to predict the market, especially when odds are stacked against you. There is always someone:
- better connection
- more information
- faster fingers

I've read a number of books about trading, and the consensus is there - only market makers (brokerages, exchanges) consistently make money. You on the other hand:
- Bitcoin fee
- trading fee
- spread
- slippage

If you think you can beat the market - think twice. Buy and hodl, you'll thank me later. Just don't do this because of me - do your fundamental research... In the meanwhile - I'm back to job hunt and divorce preparation. Forms C100, forms C2, litigation in person, it's tricky business!

Much love, always love.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hacking the system - it's easy once you know it

Two instances of suboptimal performance - I should know better.

Ordering stuff from the US

Shipping cost is significant - so I'll order 2 at the same time - WRONG. Value of 2 is big enough to trigger customs. Including customs and handling fee - would be cheaper to have 2 separate orders.

C60 - longevity - buckylabs.com - need to find UK supplier or become a reseller myself.

Applying for Permanent Residency

Previously I printed the form (85 pages) and I struggled a lot - many pages were completely irrelevant and there was a lot of admin.

Now I've applied online and my experience was much better.

I didn't have to list all absences from the UK!

Note that 2 hours flight to Europe is usually cheaper than 2 hours train in the UK and I estimate I was out of the country 10 times per year...

Borrowing money for ebenezer.wales

I talk to bank - it's for the purchase of the building. FAIL. It's called mortgage, the cost is too little for a mortgage. So next time I talk I'll tell - it's for refurbishment. Simple. Easy. Still telling the truth, I'll just move money from one pocket to another.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday, October 9, 2017

THREE UK - can you please better communicate that mobile hotspot is not allowed?

Short video illustrating the case:

Since 2011 I'm using Three.

Initially all-you-can-eat data was £15 per month.

As the technology is becoming more affordable, the cost in 2017 is £35 per month.

Three is perfectly OK with disconnecting calls in the middle because account balance is too low. They send text reminders whenever my monthly allowance is about to expire. However, they've never mentioned that the mobile hotspot is not available.

Me talking about unlimited services and showing screenshots of mobile hotspot...

I take full responsibility.

I should take action earlier.

It was only when my friend was investing various 4G providers, it was only on comparison website when I saw that mobile hotspot is limited.

You go to Terms and Conditions, download PDF, 36 pages, from there you go to Price Guide, 20 pages and on the page 5:

My standard rate is $100 per hour.

I work as computer programmer - fast and reliable internet is prerequisite for all the work I do. Not only my productivity was lost, but also my behavioural patters of searching for WiFi were affecting my daily life.

When you drive - do you want car that tells you BRAKES FAILURE or do you want a car that has slightly working brakes and you discover it at 70mph?

Can you please introduce fail safe mechanism? Had I knew that wireless hotspot is not supported on PAYG, I would change to monthly rolling contract.

Link to search results... I'll choose a new mobile plan now, I wish I knew that months ago... THREE - can you please do a better job communicating?

(I really wish it never happened)

Monday, September 25, 2017

Bundling multiple 4G connections - fast and reliable internet

I'm currently based at astralship.org chapel.

Because of that I have a chance to better observe that are our immediate needs.

We use combination of 4G (up to 100mbps / 40mbps) and BT brodband (5mpbs / 0.5mpbs).

For quite a while we didn't have "broadband" because the speeds were a joke, the only reason it is in place - practical for all the Raspberry Pi and other hardware projects.

Internet is an issue. Not complaining - putting money where my mouth is. The 4G is fast but requires more infrastructure, chapel is large, we have thick stone walls, it all depends where you are. We need to have fast internet everywhere all the time.

So here is the plan - bundle multiple, unlimited 4G connections - a few Android phones in a weather proof box outside the chapel - direct line of sight with the base station. And a machine that is able to tap into these connections and then relay unified signal - doable?

I've called a few internet companies from the list, now it's time for a massive action - call every single one of them and propose a competition / tender / contest- we have architectural plans - we should design cable layout to cope with our load. While we are doing this, we will ensure each individual room has electric sockets - currently we use extension cords - safety third.

Fiber is coming, the 4G box will be reused at other location, infrastructure at the astralship will remain in place.

Honesty disclaimer.

I'm made of love. As I grow older I'm learning how to grow thorns. Here is my set of core values - where I explain situations when it is allowed to lie and break agreements.

Fuck yeah! So now you know, but at least it is documented on wiki - in a fully transparent, open-source way. My divorce is also fully transparent, documented on the blockchain. It's a liberating experience... I really wish the reality was working like that - trust, honesty, integrity - as the core values - life is much more than a zero sum game...

(I think live streaming software was depleting all the bandwidth, simultaneously to that my phone was saying 100mbps)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

#jomo (joy of missing out) cannot be everywhere?

#jomo - overheard that at Oregon Eclipse - so many things and stages happening at once - absolutely impossible to be everywhere.

Stephen Brooks founder of Punta Mona and Envision festival aced the permaculture track and for me he was the star of the festival. Invaluable information, cannot praise enough his energy and his knowledge - right now my job is to get my act together and think of the best ways how I can contribute. Not about me, him, anyone's ego - picking the winning team and area of work where I could truly make a difference.

Same #jomo rule applies to Burning Man - all the things, all the time - absolutely impossible to be everywhere... Sleep is probably the best option - it's a weeklong festival in the very harsh weather conditions. I had a chance to spend some quit time outside the noise of the city... It was so quiet that you could here a single fly buzzing around. In the evening, as temperature dropped there were more animals coming to life.

You can read more about my time in the US - here - I had a rare chance to connect with many visionary leaders - thank you so much for this experience.

Had a few days to push the divorce forward - everything documented in the open-source manner on the blockchain: https://steemit.com/@osdivorce (I actually met the couple who "first marriage on the blockchain", just Google it)

Speaking of blockchain - here is the blogpost with crypto travel plans - because of moving from London, driving back and forth to the chapel. I was tired and I recognised that. I was able to minimise the damage and spent delightful time at Google's offices for Startup Grind. Here is the slightly extended draft of the story - a few keywords that require fleshing out.

(quality over quantity, maybe some ghostwriter will pick up this task) 

• Bitcoin Switzerland
• Finance 2.0
• ICOSummit

Blockchain Hotel was aces, thank you Gideon, Gökhan and team. Really well done, I don't want to wait till next year...

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Immediately upon return visited Pillar offices to help them with upcoming hackathon and collectively decided that it is better to postpone. Very same day was another meetup, the following day too:

• https://www.meetup.com/ICO-Meetup-London/events/240970429/
• https://www.meetup.com/EOS/events/243160802/

It is outright crazy.
So many things happening.
Enjoy the ride.

Integration. Procession. Introspection. Journey inwards.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Zurich - Crypto Valley - Finance 2.0 - Essen - Blockchain Hotel - come to Wales - driving from London on 18th Sept

Title of this post has it all.

I'm writing it for myself - so I stay organised - and also for you - to synchronise our plans, to stay in touch. Best contact to reach me: 0044 758 629 4279 - I'm everywhere - Facetime, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal...

Tuesday 07:00 flying from London to Zurich (~£60)

(I’ll sleep at the airport as there are no convenient transport options that early)

I’ll probably take a train to Zug and visit Crypto Valley.  Potentially I’ll find some time to connect with InnMind. If not - there are so many flights between UK and Switzerland and we’ll find a better date. (first I’ll register on the website and offer my services)

Wednesday potentially: http://digitalfestival.ch/ (expensive ticket, I may be able to find way around)

Wednesday evening for sure: https://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Meetup-Switzerland/events/242404028/

Thursday: http://www.finance20.ch/crypto2017/#info (CHF 100)

Friday morning flying to Dusseldorf ($112)

I'm a speaker at https://www.blockchainhotel.de/konferenz/ - use code ASTRAL10 for 10% off.

Monday 15:00 flying from Cologne to London (~€40)

Why Cologne? Cheap flights, only €20 for the train (as opposed €10 for Dusseldorf) and the Cathedral that was 1248–1880 the tallest structure in the world

(it was probably industrial revolution advent of steel and new construction methods that made taller structures possible)

On Monday I’ll pick up my car from London and drive to Wales

It is not expensive at all - time is the new currency, time is the scarcest, non-renewable resource. I’ll make most of my time by connecting with likeminded visionary entrepreneurs. During my visit to the US I told everyone about my travel schedule and the conferences I’m attending - I put some pressure on me - that’s good, otherwise it could be tempted to resolve to some “minimise risk” option and stay at home…

Old archive reference only. It’s all arranged, all booked, all sorted… Next time I’ll make the commitment earlier and be more communicative. Just bear in mind I’ve just returned… Previous post on the road.

Total transparency, full disclosure - I actually started writing this post from a background story - but I didn’t want people I’ve send the link to read about what happened weeks ago, it’s about planning now - one concise, succinct, precise blog post with links and dates is the right form to communicate plans for the next couple of days.

Still recovering, restoring sleep patterns and de-dusting from the playa. Internet never sleeps, money never sleeps. I'm so happy to see that my friend - David - founder of NuMundo is already in Japan, establishing network and prospecting new ventures.

I'm also relatively busy… Within 4 days of arrival I’ve posted 10 articles on Steemit about my divorce. I’ve been meditating on it quite a while… I want everyone to know, I also want everyone to know that I have post-nuptial agreement and businesses I'm working with are safe to invest.

I’m extrovert by nature and at the same time I remain cautious with the stuff I post online - once it is there it stays forever - especially when it is on the blockchain. In the first post I explain my motivation and rationale, primary reason:
• AI (Artificial Intelligence)
• Collective Consciousness
• Crowdsourced Wisdom

I believe in these much more than lawyers who have pervert incentives of charging me hourly rate indefinitely.

Following highest vibration.

I love my children so much, I love my soon-to-be-ex-wife too - many lessons and realisations come with time. So far I’ve published 10 pieces on the blog, I think I’m getting ready to publish 11th piece - story of the Dublin, and how everything went sideways. Are you with me?

(highest vibration, love and light)

Join us in the chapel - Global Solutions Day - astralship.org/gsd - we are building more rooms - so if you are hacker or a space pirate - more than welcome to join! #fuckyeah

Heath and safety - safety third, @stefek99 don't wear clamp on your head! Big #shoutout to @samandhisvan @krzysztofwrzalka @astralliam for all the hard work - making cabins available for hackers and space pirates. We are for real - very often financial capital is an obstacle when buying / acquiring land / building. @nu_mundo and @awakeningsovereignty provide tools, access, community... We are all connected and we are looking more committed people - see astralship.org/jobs - we tried to appear "official" but in reality we stay in the flow - blank canvas for radical innovation. #revolution #healing #cosmic #universe #construction #building PS. It is a historical building with planing permission / restrictions - all the individual cabins are semi-temporary - they will sustain a season or two but longer term we will have to communicate with local planners about make it official - currently flying under the radar #hushhush #trust #honesty #integrity #youdowhatyouhavetodo
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Monday, August 28, 2017

Earth Nation - ASC - United Earth - planetary council - pioneers of a new paradigm

I'm in the United States now.

My previous post about travel plans is no longer accurate.

I was waiting on the side of the road for a few hours and then I got a message from someone on Craigslist and decided to spend this time in a cafe, doing some work (random stuff) on a computer.

Writing helps with clarity of thinking - it gives a reference point - it allows to look back and see things from the time perspective.

I had honour and the privilege to connect with leaders of the ASC. 

I love these guys so much - soul family - cosmic tribe - high energy people who are pushing the limits of what is possible... I've never seen in my life such degree of commitment, integrity, vision... I have confidence that what we do is right.


Over the past couple days I made some sub-optimal decisions... I need to accept that - new country, new reality, new behaviours, new customs... It's OK to make mistakes, it's not OK to dwell on the past. Nature of the Universe is chaotic - atoms spinning at the speed of light - it is miracle that human consciousness reached such sophisticated levels... I don't claim any superpowers, at the same time I'm realising that every human is on a mission, and the first task is to find out what it is. I'm recovering from a difficult relationship and years of employment - my goal now is to restore balance and integrity - I think I'm doing relatively well and astralship.org is a beautiful example.

If everything goes well I'll meet with a guy in Reno (sourcing the ticket) and then proceed to the Playa. I'm not really prepared... All the little failures along the way cost me effort, energy, anxiety... I have enough uphill battle, flow over resistance.

I'm looking for an intern / apprentice / assistant - someone I could teach everything I know and help step into leadership role. I'm not a leader and yet I "pretend", I act as one - I have clarity of vision and ... Manifesting a new beautiful vision.

• European Bitcoin Tour? astralship.org/bitcoin
• Hacker Trip To China? noisebridge.net/wiki/NoisebridgeChinaTrip7

(it's all hard work, believe me)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Travel plans - Summer 2017 and beyond

EDIT / UPDATE - Sun 27 Aug 16:40 - new post on the road - time of accelerated learning, many realisations, flow over resistance.

(spiritual gangsters, author: deep learning style transfer)

The biggest event this Summer, by orders of magnitude is Oregon Eclipse. I got tickets on the first day they went on sale and I was determined to go. Due to family circumstances - it is not longer practical, enjoyable, desirable... I keep my options open and I'm still considering flying to the US - to observe the eclipse at the point of the longest duration but it's unlikely I'll be at the festival.

(that is meta - blog post embedding the tweet linking to the post)

So here is the travel schedule as of now:

20-24 July - Hungary - S.U.N. (tickets and flights sorted)

4-8 August - Netherlands - SHA2017 (tickets and flights sorted)

10-13 August - BoomTown - ticket scam, my energy went down, will figure it out

14-15 September - Germany - BlockchainHotel.de - see who is speaking

Equinox: https://astralship.org/equinox

(we anticipate that many people will arrive early and stay longer)

6-10 October - Czech Republic - Hackers Congress Institute of Cryptoanarchy - submitted CFP

(flying around Europe is like travelling from state to another in the US)

Some people take days off at work to get some rest. I work in a job that does not require a significant effort - going to the office gives a chance to recover and restore circadian rhythm after high energy event.

Luckily not much longer, I'm ready to take charge of my life and constantly resonating at the highest frequency.  Creating tools, systems, regimes, discipline allowing me to flow and be consistently high on life. It is happening it is for real:

A few days ago I've send the message - random act of kindness, paying it forward - Universe provides.

My vibrational frequency is ready - £50k is a sizeable chunk of money - something I'd have to work for a year and reduce spending to have such an amount in my bank account. Luckily we are talking BTC 17zVA88xk4Ma7Cza4NXGYcP4Z1Qz7TUdzV or ETH 0x85A363699C6864248a6FfCA66e4a1A5cCf9f5567 here and I know many people recently 10x their wealth and I'm giving them another chance to go 10x...

I'm cautiously enthusiastic.
Enthusiastic because I can see it coming.
Cautious because I need to stay grounded.
That overnight success is coming come after months of effort.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Random act of kindness - pay it forward - helping homeless (for real)

Posted album to FB with some 360° photos from Nosily and FinTechWeek. I was surrounded by astronomically wealthy people and my energy must have been really right - I was approached by a few homeless guys and decided to tap into the infinite abundance and prosperity - universe provides...

Business and entrepreneurship are the fastest vehicles of change.

To have financial abundance allows to put energy into motion...

Sometimes I think I should be more frugal with my expenses. On this occasion - random act of kindness - pay it forward experiment.



He was working, sleeping rough, saving money. Then sickness, accident, no longer able to work, no longer able to move.

He has appointment with NHS in the next couple of weeks. He has hope as finally someone diagnosed the core issues and he will be able to heal.

Right now he needs an electric wheelchair.

TODO: contact charities that provide electric wheelchairs.


I knew that £5 or £10 will not change the situation in any way.
I knew that it is almost impossible to gather enough money to pay for the flight back home.
I knew that online booking, check-in, printing boarding pass would be extremely difficult.
I was worried that if he remains in London, he'll get into trouble with his health... The story of Jaffa and one disaster leading to another.

Note: I paid for his travel to Gatwick Airport and gave him some food. I didn't give him cash to purchase bus ticket in Bulgaria - he can always hitchhike, that is simple enough... That actually made feel bad that I didn't follow through but you know what? I did a small miracle and quite literally I was tired.

TODO: Ensure he arrived safely home.

Random act of kindness - pay it forward

Screenshot from Google Doc - we have a genuine investment opportunity - this is what we do right now: astralship.org

BTC: 17zVA88xk4Ma7Cza4NXGYcP4Z1Qz7TUdzV

Here the reasons why I'm not going to run away with your money:

  1. Reputation is something you build for years, one moments it's gone. My grandfather on Wikipedia: Mieczysław Stefanów
  2. I've already invested 12 months worth of income and 6 months of life. We are here to stay.
  3. I'm already making good money, it's easier to earn that to steal. Time is critical, pedal to the metal, striking while the iron is hot.

Thank You Universe 🦄

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Climate change is real?

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar speech (start at 2m1s)

Climate change is real, it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating. We need to support leaders around the world who do not speak for the big polluters, but who speak for all of humanity, for the indigenous people of the world, for the billions and billions of underprivileged people out there who would be most affected by this.

Personal opinion

There are some other mechanisms that further aggravating the issue:
  • White polar caps reflect the sunrays, dark ocean water absorbs the heat - OOPS, OOPS

  • As the Siberia melts, the natural gas gets released - OOPS
  • People from developing countries are adopting “american” lifestyle and eat more meat (poo, methane) rainforest is cut to feed animal - OOPS, OOPS

Lake Chad is probably the most f••ked

When lake disappears, these people will migrate... Refugee crisis anyone? See my post from 2015 about global warming and Syria.

We can do better

Sunday, June 18, 2017

ERC20 token fees on Ethereum network - gas, spam, usability, mass adoption

I've first heard of BTC for the first time in the Wired magazine - article about Silk Road, back then BTC was valued at $13.

I've purchased my first BTC for £73.

I remember bubble of 2013 and emotions related to it.

I remember Ethereum crowdsale but because I wasn't in the first two weeks (2000 ETH per BTC) I skipped that privilege.

I remember DAO, security concerns, hack, hard fork... I actually managed to sell my tokens just before.

This time I've applied for every possible credit card with 0% interest (at some point they started rejecting me) and invested into crypto, but I'm not a great trader and converted some of the gains back into paper money for the repayment fund... Way too early, I poorly assessed state of the market (phases of a bubble) and missed very substantial gains.
(now I understand that it wasn't a bubble, crypto is here to stay for the long haul)

Now I'm back in the game, writing about ICO  - icofomo.com - as well as sharing some lessons about trading - my blog on Steemit - I should actually stick to my own advice and not to trade - invest in a few coins and celebrate in 2020.

I never got a chance to properly learn Solidity (update June 2018: it is changing, welcome to the new reality), I always assumed there are better programmers than me and my unique skillset is somewhere on the intersection of media, technology and connecting experiences. At some in my life I downloaded Chromium source code, compiled it and realised - I'll let the geniuses do the heavy lifting and I'll stand on the shoulders of the giants.

Right now we have a number of ways of releasing own currency, own token on Ethereum or other platforms. Here are some options:

• Ethereum native: ethereum.org/token
wavesplatform.com - probably one of the first to be fully operational
• Expanse: TOKENLAB
• iconomi.net + cofound.it
• bancor.network

Next month list probably will be much longer and unless it is your core job as a journalist in the space you'll never keep up.

I had a question about the fees... How to send ERC20 token?

It's non-obvious: https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/11818/paying-a-transaction-fee-with-an-erc20-token/11819

In essence - even though you have some token, you still need to own ETH... The official documentation suggests sending small portion of ETH with each transfer of the token, so that there is always enough to pay for the fees:

Ethereum is likely to evolve from PoW to PoS and there are many proposals in the making, the one from the image above is posted here.

Waves is also requiring fee for transfer:

I've posted to Bancor Slack and it seems like there is some fee involved after all as well:

I genuinely believe it is an interesting problem: 
• No fees allow spamming network.
• Aurorefill as suggested in the docs - expensive - also subject to spam.
• Fees denominated in ETH while holding ERC20 - not practical.

It would be nice if miners knew that certain ERC20 have some value and captures small portion of it, rather than requiring ETH... But then that opens a whole universe of problems related to the exchange rate and which transactions should be included on the blockchain (again spam problem).

Fees in ETH are problematic for mass adoption and usability of local currencies - I'm genuinely keen to learn how 

Some another, silly, potentially ridiculous ideas that came to my mind:
• Centralised server sending just enough ETH to complete transaction?
• Off-chain transaction resolution?
• Proof-of-burn and tokens sent from another location?

Update June 2018: Pay Protocol by Aragon Labs - https://github.com/aragonlabs/pay-protocol

Monday, May 15, 2017

Fitness in the London town - free stuff - this is what I do... (May 2017)

I admit doing a lot of things wrong - I'd happily swap 50% yoga hours - hackeryoga.com - into weight training hours and I'd be in much better shape right now.

Treating yoga as a workout was a poor misconception - maybe just enough to stay in fairly acceptable form but definitely not enough to achieve fitness goals:
- 10 pull-ups
- muscle up
- 5k under 20m
- different variations of backbends and splits
- increased shoulder mobility

It may looks cool in 360° VR but I definitely spent too much time working on this video. The thing is - either you film or focus on the practice:

Currently Attending:
Parkour Generations
- Bikram Yoga - actually prefer Jivamukti with Beth and Annalisa
- East London Gymnastics (Beckton)

-  http://www.londonshootfighterseast.com/timetable/
-  http://www.crossfit1864.com/classschedule/

(main criterium - about 7 minutes cycling away)

Free stuff:
- Tribe Run: https://www.facebook.com/pg/thetribeway/events/
- http://www.nike.com/gb/en_gb/c/cities/london
- ASICS: https://www.facebook.com/groups/243803159347521/
- Rebook Fithub Kings RoadCovent Garden

Two inspirational women I had a chance to met - keep doing great work:

Some recommendations by Elle:

List of lists, do your own research, I've already covered most of them:

More running clubs, not sure if paid or not, modest signup fee may apply:

(running is super democratic, anyone can do this, there are many more running clubs)

- London Friday Night Skate: http://www.lfns.co.uk/

Obstacle racing is a very authentic, primal, natural sport - just you and no artificial rules. Similar to Spartan Race and Tough Mudder - first page of Google (self fulfilling prophecy, by linking to them they'll remain on top) - just to name a few - list of lists:
- https://www.mudstacle.com/events
- http://www.mudrunguide.com/directory/uk/
- https://www.muddyrace.co.uk/upcoming-races/
- http://www.obstacleracemagazine.com/events/

(waiting till Siri / Alexa / Google will structure this data in an standardised form)

Last but not least - current version of me - messy hair - not shaven - silly look - awful posture - inflated belly - in other words - THE WORST VERSION OF ME - so that I could observe a visible progress in a couple of months:

Let's make it to the next level...

Monday, May 8, 2017

Selling my AETERNITY tokens (æternity blockchain)

Job done.

I feel greatly relieved.

From the time perspective I admit - I should be less emotional with my trading.

I should hold on to these tokens a little bit longer and sell them during Phase 2 to a greater fool - I'd probably get more.

I have already admit - I'm terrible at trading - I shouldn't be doing that - here is my blog post on Steemit - Investing strategy suiting your needs and why I won't actively trade Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency)

At the end - I have exactly the same amount as if I was holding my BTC all the time - minus a few sleepless nights, stressing out about the project.

Commit 1, commit 2, commit 3 - and these are not the only difficulties in the project - see also ICO DNA.

I'm selling my AETERNITY tokens.

The main difficulty - they are not listed exchanges, they are not even issued at all... So how do I sell something that doesn't exist just yet?

I've posted message on Slack and on Telegram, to avoid chit chat speculation a dedicated channel was established: https://t.me/aetrader

Last night we had an interesting conversation about logistics of the trade. I suggested ESCROW and with some tweaks we can make it work:

1) find a buyer (I'm a seller)

2) find reliable, reputable ESCROW (both agree, 2-3% fee of something)

3B) (B for "buyer) sends BTC or ETH to ESCROW

3S) (S for "seller") sends private key to ESCROW

4) funds are in ESCROW for a period of time

5) tokens are released, BTC or ETH get transfered to my account

There is a number of issues with that approach - trusted ESCROW, time before token get released, chance (unlikely but still a chance) that I change my mind immediately after tokens get released...

There are so many moving parts here, it's scary!

And yet I cannot figure out any better way...

Why selling now?

I was thinking for a long time how to resolve this matter.

I have communicated directly with Yani and I educated myself in game theory - Nash Equilibrium and Prisoner's Dilemma - me saying that I want to get out will inevitably reduce the confidence and therefore value of the tokens so here comes the explanation...

Since day one I was active in the community - provided instructions how to run on Mac and on Windows (almost) - wrote some code for the wallet and we were discussing options of hiring me. Unfortunately there was some f__kup along the way - initially I thought of it as WTF OMG LOL moment - but in reality it was uncool - so I reversed the thing, apologised and acknowledged mistake. Too late - trust is something you build for a long time and then one moment it's gone.

I was hoping to transform crisis into an opportunity - that even if something goes wrong you can count on me. I still believe there is a chance of us working together. At the same time I completely understand your stance and I can only hope that there are lessons learnt on both ends.

Tangent: whenever there is a decision - the universe splits into two... I really wish I was in a different universe - working with you rather than trying to get out. What's done it's done - right now I want to get outta here, I don't want to be a contributor or an investor - I want to move on.

I've signed NDA so I cannot tell you anything that is confidential - I don't even want to share public information - do your own research and due diligence... And if you have way too much paper money or crypto holding - getting ready for the Kickstarter - astralship.org/kickstarter - YEAH - the thing is for real!