Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hello World - planet Earth as of 2016

Just a few observations - connecting the dots, stating the facts - use your own mind.

0) We live in a perfect world

We live in a perfect simulation. Too many rabbits? They'll eat all the grass and population will reduce. Too many foxes? They'll eat all the rabbits... Even if currently we pollute the planet triggering global warming - in the scale of the Universe everything is in equilibrium.

1) #brexit, Donald Trump, China

I mention politics only very briefly.

2) Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, DAO

Crazy journey. $150m raised, then hacked, then forked... Crazy journey.

3) Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Prism

AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) for the masses!

4) Pokemon Go

AR (augmented reality) for the masses!

5) Oculus, Vive

VR (virtual reality) for the masses!

6) Self-driving cars, electric cars

Google, Tesla, rumours about Apple launching their car...

7) Drones

Not a novelty any more. Video from 2014:

8) Terrorists

All day every day media BS and wiki page with a list... Even before they occurred.

9) IA (Intelligent Assistants)

Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), Google, Amazon...

10) More AI

IBM Watson, Wolfram Alpha...

11) Psychedelics

12) Materials

Nanomaterials, superconductors, aerogel, 3D-printing...

13) Spirituality, consciousness, energy, vibration

Awakening kundalini...

Daniel Pinchbeck - Psychedelic Initiation and the Ecological Mega-Crisis from Breaking Convention on Vimeo.

14) Universal basic income

People don't have to work. Nature already knows how to grow food. Abundant energy from the Sun and water... People don't have to work. Work will remain as a hobby, passion, mission, privilege.


We live in a perfect world, in a perfect simulation:

Would be nice to hangout with and get off the ground (come and join me for a ride).

Internet has been around for 25 years, Facebook and iPhone for roughly 10... It took 1.5 years for Groupon to reach $1b valuation - - my bet for the future is unplugging, off-the-grid, decentralisation and independence. Just like the essay Vinay published couple years ago -

(it is already happening)