Thursday, May 5, 2016

Non-violent direct action - most efficient way to heal the planet?

There was a massive protest to block the Ffos-y-fran coalmine:

Pictures on Flickr: 

Massive mainstream media outlets reporting on that:
   • BBC:

The moment when drought in India gets deep enough that there are armed guards on dams to prevent the theft of water. The moment when we record the hottest month ever measured on the planet, and then smash that record the next month, and then smash that record the next month?

Yep... According to my information refugee crisis in Syria is caused by climate change - - and yet it's many times cheaper to drive than to take the rail (supposedly an eco-friendly option) -

At the same time Bloomberg is reporting that solar power is cheaper than coal:

The 2.99 cents bid for the solar project is a third lower than the electricity that will be generated by a coal plant commissioned by Dubai in October.

Even though solar is cheaper than coal they decide to build coal plant anyway!

Business and entrepreneurship are the fastest vehicles of change.

Basic math. Coal plants emit CO2. To emit CO2 cost money. To run coal plan cost money. Not an expert here:

It's enough to tweak some parameters on the highest level and change economic equations.

I'm against nothing

Sometimes it makes sense to put children into prison for shoplifting DVD -

We are writing the history now, as Leonardo DiCaprio announced in his Oscar speech:

Climate change is real.

Guys running the show know it for the decades:

From the late 1970s and through the 1980s, Exxon funded internal and university collaborations, broadly in line with the developing public scientific approach. After the 1980s, the company was a leader in climate change denial, opposing regulations to curtail global warming. ExxonMobil funded organizations critical of the Kyoto Protocol and seeking to undermine public opinion about the scientific consensus that global warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. 

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