Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why is it required to have job offer in place to successfully apply for unemployment benefits?

I applied for Jobseeker's Allowance and after a month the application was rejected. 

This is because I failed to show Genuine Prospect of Work (GPoW).

I failed to show GPoW because:

It is new to me that in order to receive payments for unemployed people looking for work - Jobseeker's Allowance - one must demonstrate that they have already job offer in place.

Alternative option is to relocate or provide a certificate of vocational training or recent relocation - good luck with renting a new place when you don't have any income. 

(no landlord or real-estate agent will ever rent a place without background checks that include providing proof of income)

Checking if online courses on Udemy or Course qualify as vocational training according to the UK law. There is very information out there - there were recent changes to the law - here is my question.

In the meantime, literally same day, the people making decisions - Department for Work and Pensions - are hiring programmers at £640 daily rate... That's a lot - that's probably one of the best offers currently available on the market:

£640 per day compared with £6.70 current rate for minimal wage...

For £640 per day I'd happily quit my unemployment!

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