Friday, December 16, 2016

24 Hour Party People - Saturday 17th December 2016 in London

There is a very good movie:

Are you ready for the challenge?

Starting in the morning (9:30 - 13:30) with Morning Gloryville
Here is the FB event:
(outstanding energy)

Then Psymera, daytime psytrance party (12:00 - 22:00)
FB event:

Did you know that Fabric won a lengthy legal battle? "War on Drugs" is taking its toll and innocent young people are dying from trying to have some fun.

Join the Psychedelic Society on their event "Debate on the legal regulation of Psychedelics" (18:00 - 23:00)

No longer media propaganda of 60s (hippies, peace movements, war in Vietnam), now we have science, data, research and internet to share the knowledge. But yeah, law is the law, for time being we need to play by the rules to avoid legal troubles.

After the debate there are two options...

1) Fabric (23:00 - 08:00)
FB event:

Note that the venue is still not Fabric as they are implementing brand new sound system:

For the record - Ministry of Sounds and Dolby Atmos are next level:

2) Psychedelic Way (till late) (free party is not a crime)

Psychedelic Way operates in an unlicensed manner so you need to find your way around it. It's not for everyone and I'll aways recommend to do some research + critical thinking + common sense.

UPDATE: Hive Dalston

Always highly recommended - super conscious and connected crowd!


There are many challenges - food, sleep, logistics - it's just like in the world of clubbing.

Will I do this - absolutely not - will someone make the attempt - unlikely but not impossible.

Could be a fun article on or  ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿฆ„ ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ˜Ž

Have fun!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hello World - planet Earth as of 2016

Just a few observations - connecting the dots, stating the facts - use your own mind.

0) We live in a perfect world

We live in a perfect simulation. Too many rabbits? They'll eat all the grass and population will reduce. Too many foxes? They'll eat all the rabbits... Even if currently we pollute the planet triggering global warming - in the scale of the Universe everything is in equilibrium.

1) #brexit, Donald Trump, China

I mention politics only very briefly.

2) Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, DAO

Crazy journey. $150m raised, then hacked, then forked... Crazy journey.

3) Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Prism

AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) for the masses!

4) Pokemon Go

AR (augmented reality) for the masses!

5) Oculus, Vive

VR (virtual reality) for the masses!

6) Self-driving cars, electric cars

Google, Tesla, rumours about Apple launching their car...

7) Drones

Not a novelty any more. Video from 2014:

8) Terrorists

All day every day media BS and wiki page with a list... Even before they occurred.

9) IA (Intelligent Assistants)

Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), Google, Amazon...

10) More AI

IBM Watson, Wolfram Alpha...

11) Psychedelics

12) Materials

Nanomaterials, superconductors, aerogel, 3D-printing...

13) Spirituality, consciousness, energy, vibration

Awakening kundalini...

Daniel Pinchbeck - Psychedelic Initiation and the Ecological Mega-Crisis from Breaking Convention on Vimeo.

14) Universal basic income

People don't have to work. Nature already knows how to grow food. Abundant energy from the Sun and water... People don't have to work. Work will remain as a hobby, passion, mission, privilege.


We live in a perfect world, in a perfect simulation:

Would be nice to hangout with and get off the ground (come and join me for a ride).

Internet has been around for 25 years, Facebook and iPhone for roughly 10... It took 1.5 years for Groupon to reach $1b valuation - - my bet for the future is unplugging, off-the-grid, decentralisation and independence. Just like the essay Vinay published couple years ago -

(it is already happening)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Eleventh HOPE - selling my ticket at the face value... (logistics is complicated)

Logistics is complicated. It's not that cheap to hop over the pond. $150 for the conference ticket is OK, but another $1000+ for the flight and another $1000+ for the lost income is beyond my comfort 

In January when I've purchased the ticket I was full of optimism + "make it happen" + "I'll figure that out" but as the date is approaching quick reality check: Logistics IS complicated.

(obviously I didn't account for accommodation because I've intended to sleep at the venue)

And the exhaustion, and... I'm just too stressed about the stress. It sounds like a limiting belief but I'm worried that I wouldn't fully enjoy the Hope.

There is something special in events and conferences I'm attending. Team of organisers and volunteers putting a show together and then all that effort condensed into 3 days... Peak experience!


It was out of this world...

(I was to EMF2014, 44CON, 32C3, BSidesLDN2016 too)

Arriving to EMF2016 as well.

It was at the event when I've registered the domain:

Some more photos:

I actually skipped my flight on Monday and decided to stay a few days longer... Such events are rare in occurrence (once every couple of years) and yet I find it difficult to organise logistics for the XI Hope - selling ticket at the face value...

(pretty sure it'll be an amazing event)

Contact me anytime, you know where to find me. I think is the easiest way.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Non-violent direct action - most efficient way to heal the planet?

There was a massive protest to block the Ffos-y-fran coalmine:

Pictures on Flickr: 

Massive mainstream media outlets reporting on that:
   • BBC:

The moment when drought in India gets deep enough that there are armed guards on dams to prevent the theft of water. The moment when we record the hottest month ever measured on the planet, and then smash that record the next month, and then smash that record the next month?

Yep... According to my information refugee crisis in Syria is caused by climate change - - and yet it's many times cheaper to drive than to take the rail (supposedly an eco-friendly option) -

At the same time Bloomberg is reporting that solar power is cheaper than coal:

The 2.99 cents bid for the solar project is a third lower than the electricity that will be generated by a coal plant commissioned by Dubai in October.

Even though solar is cheaper than coal they decide to build coal plant anyway!

Business and entrepreneurship are the fastest vehicles of change.

Basic math. Coal plants emit CO2. To emit CO2 cost money. To run coal plan cost money. Not an expert here:

It's enough to tweak some parameters on the highest level and change economic equations.

I'm against nothing

Sometimes it makes sense to put children into prison for shoplifting DVD -

We are writing the history now, as Leonardo DiCaprio announced in his Oscar speech:

Climate change is real.

Guys running the show know it for the decades:

From the late 1970s and through the 1980s, Exxon funded internal and university collaborations, broadly in line with the developing public scientific approach. After the 1980s, the company was a leader in climate change denial, opposing regulations to curtail global warming. ExxonMobil funded organizations critical of the Kyoto Protocol and seeking to undermine public opinion about the scientific consensus that global warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. 

Sending ✨๐Ÿ’–✨  to you all...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

7 reasons why you DON'T Psychedelic Coming Out Day

19 April

Also known as Bicycle Day:

April 19, 1943, Hoffmann performed a self-experiment to determine the true effects of LSD, intentionally ingesting 0.25 milligrams (250 micrograms) of the substance. - source wikipedia

Bicycle Day is celebrated in San Francisco - FB event.

National Coming Out Day is organised by Psychedelic Society in the UK - FB event - but I don't and you shouldn't either.

1. Politicians are in a better position to assess what is allowed to happen within confinement of your body

Some guys in the suits who went to expensive private schools know better how to keep society under control. Stay obedient and don't confront the authority, just don't take psychedelics.

2. Mainstream media are already putting illegal drugs everywhere

  a) - This video (screenshot above) has 77 millions views...
  b) - Silicon Valley (on HBO)
  c) - see the plot from X-files (Fox)
Manstream media, establishment and Hollywood got it covered, they are planting a seed so no big deal.

  d) - 592 millions view

3. It's almost legal anyway

As of October 2016 there are five US states with legal cannabis (Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, DC). There are three countries in Europe (Portugal, Netherlands, Czech Republic) with rather permissive laws.

UPDATE: I November 2016 - California, Nevada and Massachusetts vote to legalize recreational marijuana - via Guardian

MAPS - Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies - is working with FDA - Federal Drug Administration - on allowing MDMA to be used in Assisted Psychotherapy. They estimate it will happen in 2021 so no big drama about coming out Today.

Or you can just travel to Amazon jungle and drink Ayahuasca with native tribes. No big deal, that's a major branch of their economy now

4. There are no similarities with prohibition or same sex marriage

Go figure what was happening during the prohibition. Guys like Al Capone were reaping all the profits. And same sex people were in love regardless the law. Psychedelics are deeply embedded in the human nature across all the continents - different plants in different climates - do you really want to make nature illegal? Good idea, let's cut some more rainforest to feed all the animals that will be converted to burgers.

5. You shouldn't listen to drug abusing counterculture criminal, even when he is invited to speak at Google

Rick is such a badass. 30 years and still on a mission. He mentioned Psychedelic Coming Out on a couple of occassions:

Start at 2m14s: "Massive coming out of people who have done psychedelics who have accomplished a lot..."

Start at 45m37s: anonymous donor who pledged $1m would come out if 1000 people joined...

Highest appraisals and compliments to this guy but sorry, you shouldn't listen to him - he is a drug abusing counterculture criminal so no go.
A photo posted by Michal Stefanow ✨๐Ÿ’–✨ (@stefek99) on

6. Scientist are already announcing revolutionary studies at Royal Society so you shouldn’t be bothered

Every freakin' media outlet was reporting on LSD research. It only prooves that majority of media, fashion, advertisement, culture people have very good connection with the source. Just don't coming out, please don't bother.

7. Don't trust science because if you look really hard you'll find anything really.

Urban legend says that in one research scientists were afraid to administed LSD to some animals and eventually they mixed it with sedatives. There were some side effects that were accounted as dangers of psychedelics. Look at this study - Retracted article on dopaminergic neurotoxicity of MDMA - that lead to a new law - Rave ACT - look back at 3... Of course they know better so sit quiet, everything is under control.

Cannabis became illegal to stigmatise Mexican immigrants. Drop Acid Not Bombs - probably that was the only way to keep the war in Vietnam going.

In 2016 we have worldwide psychedelic renaissance and it is so cool to be alive in this moment...

(life is good)


I don't Bicycle Day and I don't Psychedelic Coming Out Day (you shouldn't too). Action speak louder than words:

  • Take whole family to Boom, a psychedelic mecca in Portugal with a much more sensible drug policy
  • Crowdfund scientific research - Walacea campaign (brain imaging on LSD) smashed the target of £25000 reaching 214%
  • Meet with pioneers at psychedelic conferences (Beyond Psychedelics, Breaking Convention, Psychedelic Science)
  • Fly to amazon jungle and participate in shamanic ceremonies
  • Express your thoughts about "war on consciousness", just search for “banned TED talk”
  • Support financially Psychedelic Salon
  • Surround yourself with visionary art and spreading it to the world
  • Educate others and sharing knowledge (I’m looking for a mentor too)
  • Go to Psychedelic Society meetups (I was to the very first one)

EDIT / UPDATE 7 Sep 2017:
  • Talking about legal history of cannabis:
  • Participating in double blind microdosing study
  • I'm always open to new opportunities, "obstacle is the way" - treating adversity as credential - here is my blockchain CV - I'm for real...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

PayPal vs Stripe - create "buy now" button and start selling products online

I'm using PayPal all the time - it is fast and convenient - no wonder why it is so popular.

Not that much time ago I thanked them:

Literally - they are so fast, convenient and embedded in the online commerce that they can charge hefty exchange rates (I'm based in the UK and I pay in £££ for goods priced in $$$) and commission. 

As a buyer I know that I'm protected - I can always request a refund - and that's what I did - I paid $350 to get business cards manufactured and delivered - $300 for the physical bits and extra $50 on top of that to pay for the time of the designer to get some basic changes on top of the base design. It was an uphill battle - it was taking several days to change the font... I requested the refund in FB conversation and when it was refused I asked PayPal. for the refund.

Apparently I'm not eligible (see email) but I'm not losing my hope. I treat every difficulty as a business opportunity and currently I'm thinking about establishing Black PR Agency - each time name of this guy appears somewhere on the internet (Google Alerts) I'll introduce myself and leave an honest review. Currently I'm not making this video public just yet... I'd much rather focus on something more productive and I hope that we will resolve this issue.

Something more productive... How about showing people how to quit using PayPal and switch to Stripe!

Attempt 1 (lengthy, I didn't notice one thing)

Attempt 2 (much faster and efficient)

PayPal still remains the fastest way to accept payments online - it doesn't require any coding - just a few clicks and copy and paste. With Stripe it is required to setup your own server - that's beyond reach of general public - they position themselves as "built for developers"...

HMMM... Yet another opportunity :) When you search for "buy now stripe" you'll see some 3-rd party plugins - why not allow people who signed up for Stripe (and are sick and tired of PayPal, just like me) to seamlessly accept the payments? Let me ask at the source and then I'll update this post...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why is it required to have job offer in place to successfully apply for unemployment benefits?

I applied for Jobseeker's Allowance and after a month the application was rejected. 

This is because I failed to show Genuine Prospect of Work (GPoW).

I failed to show GPoW because:

It is new to me that in order to receive payments for unemployed people looking for work - Jobseeker's Allowance - one must demonstrate that they have already job offer in place.

Alternative option is to relocate or provide a certificate of vocational training or recent relocation - good luck with renting a new place when you don't have any income. 

(no landlord or real-estate agent will ever rent a place without background checks that include providing proof of income)

Checking if online courses on Udemy or Course qualify as vocational training according to the UK law. There is very information out there - there were recent changes to the law - here is my question.

In the meantime, literally same day, the people making decisions - Department for Work and Pensions - are hiring programmers at £640 daily rate... That's a lot - that's probably one of the best offers currently available on the market:

£640 per day compared with £6.70 current rate for minimal wage...

For £640 per day I'd happily quit my unemployment!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Why trains in the UK are 10x more expensive than buses?

Friend of mine is considering renting an apartment in Bolton.

Here is a quick search on RightMove - last 14 days, max 2 bedrooms, 3 miles radius - link

It is way cheaper.

I checked how long it takes to go to London. National Rail website - it is rather expensive.

There are buses and you can drive too.




Some people say that trains are eco-friendly solution. Fair game... Can you actually afford the comfort of a train? 

Another optimisation technique I've seen in Amazon packaging. Stunning:

One of my mentors - @petersage007 - says "business and entrepreneurship are the fastest vehicles of change" - rewriting economic equations so the honesty, trust, integrity are actually appreciated. Welcome to my world: