Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Google API oauth flow with node.js

I think that video should speak for itself.

I had 25 minutes before I leave for BJJ (brazilian jiu-jitsu) and I was pretty sure I'll manage on time but I've made so many little mistakes in the process and I was a few minutes late. Shame on me - on the other hand I really liked the time constraint and rushing through London.

I should have known better... In reality I make these type of mistakes all the time. I think that it is a nature of work. Don't get me wrong but majority of the people I work with make these type of mistakes too - typos, discrepancies and the true strength is in overcoming challenges and working one step at a time - you probably noticed how many times I've reloaded the browser (all the time).

Enough talking. You have the video, you have the code:

( should explain some technical details)

That is just the beginning. You still need to store token somewhere and make actual API calls to use it... From the time perspective everything seems obvious. When starting the amount of components and dependencies can be overwhelming. I knew exactly what to do and even though it took me 37 minutes! (without the video it would be even longer as I would be focusing on other stuff)

Two major files that make it all possible (server and client):

(full source lives on GitHub and of course remember to keep your tokens, secrets and credentials safe)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Drinking own urine as a token of appreciation

A few days ago I saw this video and I thought it is awesome:

It's authentic, genuine, honest... Sasha - - who has already earned a lot of esteem and respect now showed his vulnerable part and I really liked it.

Since he is coming to London (full schedule / talk I'm attending) in just a few days I decided to reciprocate feelings by drinking my own urine too. On the video I talk about token of appreciation / token of friendship even though we've never met - I'd call it asymmetrical intimacy - the internet dissolves boundaries (you get the gist).

Video is not perfect

It uses front-camera (yep) and vertical orientation (yep) but that was the only way for me to see what's going on. Also the amount of piss relatively small and the lightning conditions could be better. I am very well aware of that but as they say: Done is better than perfect

I had a lot of fun doing that! Challenging norms, culture, society, stigmas, dogmas... It is liberating! And the taste - it's actually not that bad at all.

I mention Nobel Peace Prize and I'm relatively serious / you can interpret that whatever you want. Just to elaborate - so many guys are frustrated and they tension / aggression / testosterone in a million of other ways. No one would go to wars if they had a woman they love.

Closing remarks / train of thoughts:
* Sasha's podcast on Ayahuasca: (I'll be flying to Peru in December)
Eat That Frog - - I can summarise the book in one sentence: "If you start the day with the most gruelling task the rest can be only better" - that is why some folks recommend CST (cold shower therapy) - I can recommend cold showers in general as a way to wake up and be alert in no time!


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Enough said.

Respect Sasha, you are the man!