Saturday, June 20, 2015

Attention span - single line of code

In my previous blog post I described adventures of creating EmberJS template to post questions on forum / Stack Overflow. As the result, I was able to create a single index.html - view on gist - file capable of delivering all functionalities.

On the same note - here is my single file for AngularJS - view on gist - a very reasonable starting point, although I need to admit that versions might need updating...

Speaking of one-liners - see Angular Loader Bar:

I love stuff that just works. 

And that is why in one of my projects - cmdctrl - decided to go with the single line approach:

I still need to figure out the way how to show / not show the overlay. Currently it loads everytime, which is annoying when navigating pages / jumping between sites I own... It annoys me and I'm thinking about rewriting links to contain #noshow in the URL. That should probably do the trick (unless there is an existing hash), probably in order to manipulate URLs I'd have include jQuery (not a big deal, I really like jQuery as DOM manipulation is a matter of a single line)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ember Data - resolving various issues

If you ask me what I've been doing at work:

It isn't perfect (it's far from perfect) but gets job done. I can post my issues / queries in a standalone manner.

I'm using old version of Ember Data as Fixture Adapter is now deprecated. If I was using CLI I could use an addon - - but since I'm resolving to JS Bin / Plunker / JSFiddle I'll have to follow 7 step process described here and find a reliable hosting - - also the comment -  This is a work-in-progress. It's alpha quality. - wasn't encouraging me to invest...

(because trying to fix something in order to prepare test case to illustrate an issue in a demo is just like yak shaving)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My adventures with Twitter

I've received a push notification from Chris Sacca (twitter). You can listen to a great episode of Tim Ferriss show here. I'm yet to read this post but it trickled reaction so that Chris was interviewed by CNBC and had opportunity to watch it live via Periscope (a $100m acquisition):

I saw great potential in Twitter. And wanted to get involved. But I didn't know how... 

(this guy knew, he simply purchased a lot of stock)


I wasn't great communicator, my slides aren't great either... So much to learn :) (constantly learning)