Thursday, October 9, 2014

Better than food, sleep and sex

There is a lethal game...

Pazner General Forever

...when I was a kid I used to play computer games. When I became a little bit older (not saying grown up) I sometimes look back and spend an hour or two playing old games from the past. This time the experience was different thanks to Panzer General Forever. See this thread:

Today is a happy day for me. My work on the initial release of PG Forever, my PG/AG remake is finished. Woohoo! :woohoo It took me 2 years to go all the way from the first working prototype to the finished game, and if I knew how much time the project would take, I would probably never start it. :p 

Someone has just recreated a game from nineties! Main improvements include AI - computer player getting smarter and enhanced UI - better usability according to modern standards. All in all the game is a blast and no wonder why my sleeping habits are different these days. The game is better than food, sleep and sex!

On the same note there are some games that were recreated by fans:

Now I know how it feels to be immersed in Virtual Reality. Now I can understand emotions related to gaming and that instant gratification of destroying enemy units.


This post has been sponsored by Panzer General Forever FAQ:

[Q] I like PGF! How else can I help? 
[A] You can help by spreading the word. The more players we have, the more issues we'll detect and fix, thus making the game better and better all the time. If you have a blog or a web site, consider posting some information about PGF there. This will help a lot.