Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So you are trying to find web framework for mobile apps?

Recently I was searching for Angular and jQuery mobile wrapper / bridge / thingy.

First attempt:

Following the link:
(not under active development)

Can you invest your time and resources into building on an unstable platform?
(that is likely to change the following day)

They've just raised $1m which in my opinion makes them reliable platform to build upon.

It's your call...
(I bet on Angular)

Thursday 15th May 2014 from jQueryUK conference in Oxford

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hottest Startups

The 7 Hottest Startup Scenes in the U.S.

The World's 20 Hottest Startup Scenes

$1.5m to run 10-people business in SF for a year... INSANE!

That's pretty much ten times more than in Krakow :) Or maybe... They just calculated average salary and office cost. Noone in bootstrapping stage is not going to pay that amounts of money! 


There is a saying about selling shovels during goldrush + they say Levi Strauss made fortune by selling jeans to gold seekers. I have no idea about recruitment so I make notes: bit.ly/recruitment-hackpad

Connecting dots, references and ideas, still at the very early stage:

Any help with that? Or maybe I should ignore long-term strategy and jump straight in... Seriously no idea.

(I just observe that everyone is hiring)

(I just observe that in Science Park there are so many services: cleaning, reception, watering plants, security, delivery, sandwich vans, coffee machine servicing)

(recruitment must be a profitable service too)

Friday, March 7, 2014

What is the incentive of using public transport?

I'll be attending two events in the months to come. Of course I wish was able to visit SXSW, DefCon, GoogleIO and similar but... Money-wise I'm not just there yet. Wish my personal value and personal brand was strong enough to justify thousands of dollars in accommodation and flights and entry fees.

(invisible hand of the market, supply and demand, thanks to the prices they can ensure there are always places available)

1. http://www.makerfaireuk.com/

I also offered to share a room on Makespace mailing list and suggested an explanation to why on earth trains are so expensive!
- if you are poor: you travel by car and waste 4 hours focusing on road conditions (and by the time you are arrive you are too tired to do any work)
- if you are wealthy: you can sit, enjoy WiFi, power socket and do some work (that will make you even more wealthy)

Bus: http://www.boomfestival.org/boom2014/tickets/boom-2014-tickets-info/

vs renting a car:

It is still more expensive (note EUR and GBP signs) but I really value my flexibility and freedom. Maybe we will find another two to share the expense?

But then again: flexibility and freedom. Wish I was able to never look at the price tag again but always choose the most value.

(Facebook album from 2010 trip - just made it public)

To the moon!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

AngularJS is such a canny beast

G+ 6 May 2013

G+ 25 Jan 2014 (such a lengthy call stack)

Plunker: http://plnkr.co/edit/4TmJTKEouhM2VMsyp0jq?p=preview

* Docs: Directive Definition Object - http://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/service/$compile (require transclude replace terminal controller)
* Fantastic scope jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/maxisam/QrCXh/
* "infinitely recursive directive structure": http://jsfiddle.net/n9KNv/14/

At the end of the day - question wasn't necessary - nevertheless - it took me two hours to figure the right syntax:

(it took me a while to figure it one so leaving a note to myself)

How to securely store private keys?

How to prove that me is me? The answer is simple: private key. But then... How to store it securely?

Favourite quotes from sources listed above:

Protecting your private key is the most important job you have to use GnuPG correctly.

Losing sole possession of your private key is catastrophic.

Safely storing your private key is important, but there is a cost. Ideally, you would keep the private key on a removable, write-protected disk such as a floppy disk, and you would use it on a single-user machine not connected to a network.

Private keys may also be stored on portable hardware, such as a smart card.


I know myself, I know how I treat devices. They are pretty much disposable. Hardware is cheap, intellectual property and thought behind is what matters to me. That is why I supported Keepod :) I love the idea behind and while it is primarily targeted at Africa I see plenty of use cases in privileged world too.

I was thinking about becoming a cyborg by inserting an implant that would hold my private key. Is it over the top? See discussion about Bitcoin Tattoos

Maybe Electrum has a solution?

Seriously, you should be using the Electrum wallet with its 12 word seed. I can't tell you how much simpler it's made my Bitcoin experience.
It's comforting knowing that no matter how many addresses I create in a wallet, or if my computer starts on fire, my wallet is backed up as long as I know those 12 words.

I like the idea. It's human-approachable... Porn industry invented streaming, Wall Street guys did this, military did that and Bitcoin apparently is teaching us how to think long term!

Monday, March 3, 2014

MongoDB - right tool for right job

Just collecting some thoughts on my recent adventures with Mongo:

I just chose the wrong driver and my attempts were an uphill battle. See this discussion on StackOverflow:
"completely unnecessary"
"avoid forced modeling via Mongoose"

MongoDB is here to stay:
- base for meteor
- "M" for mean:

And it is my job to keep up with technology (and use right tools for right job), otherwise I'll be working at McDonalds while next generation will take my place by using hypertools.