Sunday, January 19, 2014

Digital Footprint (please share your feedback)

The idea of this post is to ask you for feedback:

It is a part of, a community initiated by Klaus who once upon a time also read book by Timothy Ferriss... I read that book too and maybe you should read it as well?

Getting out of the build to validate assumptions is always an occasion to take some photos. Shame that the PostOffice (otherwise very efficient) is closed on weekends.  Simple stuff (place letter on a scales) can be easily replaced and I see no explanation why it isn't automated just yet?

Just like everyone is using Workflowy, similarly Strikingly you may also want to see Firebase (being placed as I got some laptop stickers) and Remote Storage which kind-of indie version (no experiences just yet).

I also reactivated my hating tumblr page. Normally I would be embarrassed - see tagline: I would have done it better. I DO. (rather than pointing out mistakes) - see also tagline of I am the specialist - Mostly doing - just on some occasions there is other way but to give it a rant... Where is QA (quality assurance)? Who is responsible for that? 1s wasted on login page multiplied by the amount of users (Evernote is a massive company) could account to a day wasted a day! (60 * 60 * 24 = 86400s = 1d)

HINT: that would be a good strategy to implement various tricks presented by Ilya Grigorik, specifically Time To The First Byte.

[aside] I prefer paid events. That's a natural selection. On free hacks there are hundreds of people and it is more difficult to build relationships. Here we have a formula of a hackshop and I seem to perceive a lot of benefits from the presenters, specifically @daaain --> see my previous post about his presentation. [/aside]

So yes, that's pretty much it. A very productive day. But what else could you expect if you start by solving programming puzzles contemplate laser cutters and finally initiate 150 years life span movement? I'd better go to sleep now before I immerse in alien technology...

PS. No need to navigate all the way to the top, will paste the link here: (the idea of this post is to ask you for feedback)

PS. Tomorrow (once I get decent sleep) more stuff to come... Can you tell me is that real?

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