Friday, January 31, 2014

Nanoholdings - Justin Tipping Hall - #AlienTechnology

That is an inspirational talk:

And it is in perfect alignment with one of my goals: going off the grid. Look at Makespace forum:

I immediately wanted to be in touch, being in Cambridge is kind of a privilege (proximity wise). Anyway I find amusing:

He has 345 publications, 8 books and monographs, and >100 patents
Prof Christopher Lowe has 250 publications, 7 monographs and 40 patents.

Not sure which source is right, it is easy to loose count at certain amount. The amusement part?

In the era of #TotalSurveillance they don't seem to be concerned at all about giving away email addresses and phone numbers. Shall I call professor first thing in the morning?

Krakow - Poland - Egodrop - social media commitment

Good work guys!

Just a few pictures documenting how to start a movement. I would say that the two key terms are engagement and commitment

Group with 1400+ members:

Event with 800+ "attending":

Many people changing their cover photos:

Of course it's illegal to post these screenshots. Tell me how I should do it properly:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Don't try too hard

I was doing pull-ups the other day and it was quite enjoyable feeling: burning muscles, heart rate increasing, increased oxygen levels, blood rushing thru the veins.

Until I started a sharp pain in my shoulder... I tried too hard. And allowed myself a few days to recover. Yesterday I did some yoga and I was hoping that if I stretch myself everything will be back to norm.

Nothing. More. Wrong.

I used this opportunity to try out the medical system in the UK. I was researching various options and eventually friend from work advised: Actually I wouldn't mind if Google or Chrome suggested that for me:

On many occasions (BBC Radio 4) I was told that Accident and Emergency units (AE for short) are for really serious cases.
(you can see a rollup advising treat AE as the last resort)

I was treated by knowledgeable indian doctor who advised me to take it easy and take Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. Too bad the I can buy supplies only for two days of such treatment:

Is that how you cure muscle strain? Well... Time will tell. For now I can tell you that it sill hurts... 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stack Overflow licensing virus

TL;DR - if you ever used a snippet of code from StackOverflow you must immediately open-source your app under CreativeCommons license.

Favorite quotes:

1. "This worries me for developing proprietary software, because now the app is not fully owned by my company anymore (and pieces are just licensed off SO). Our legal guys are probably not going to be happy with that."

2. "Corporations will dislike the legal 'littering' of the code."

3. "However, if someone posts an implementation of something and you copy it verbatim in to your app, your app has now been infected with the creative commons cancer, and you MUST release it under the cc-sharealike license."

4. "Don't ever cut/paste code you found on the Internet if you are working on a commercial product."

5. "For commercial work, you should see your company lawyer before using any code from SO."

So let me clarify what we mean by attribution. If you republish this content, we require that you:
  1. Visually indicate that the content is from Stack Overflow or the Stack Exchange network in some way. It doesn’t have to be obnoxious; a discreet text blurb is fine.
  2. Hyperlink directly to the original question on the source site (e.g.,
  3. Show the author names for every question and answer
  4. Hyperlink each author name directly back to their user profile page on the source site (e.g.,

I'm sorry, I'm too lazy to comply with the licensing terms... Well... I'm not willing to risk, digging thru and linking to original authors. I don't want to screw my career early on. Authors of the quotes:
1. Evert
2. Evert
3. waffles
4. user133907
5. skympt (no profile page = no link)

This post is licensed under:

What do you think about viral licensing?
+ In the draft version of this post I didn't have links to specific authors (too lazy). Does it mean that anyone can access drafts of other posts? Please sue me, and good luck proving that there links were missing - I would reply that this paragraph is just a PR stunt.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to communicate in a small, self-organised group?


1) (vegan eco-village based on gift economy)
2) I try to find right way communicate in the group

After half an hour of attempts to set a conference call for 20 people on Skype group decided to have conference chat:

As I have very recent experiences about group communication among London Hackspace, Cambridge Makespace (mailing list and forum), Cambridge K1 (mailing list for everyone and members only) , IndieWebCamp IRC... 

Just to keep track and collect thought I put everything into a GoogleDoc - Communication for groups (anyone can comment) 

If you have more to say and feel like you can do better - please email me for edit access -

My feeling: technology is there. It is the people problem:

(I tried to solve wrong problem - automated phonecall won't change anything - I just wanted to play with technology)

In my opinion people have:
- various levels of commitment
- their own personal matters
- intermittent access to the internet

Only a motivated individuals can ensure everything runs smoothly. I'm not the one - I talk mostly with computers and goal of my job is automate everything I do... So for the third time link to the very same GoogleDoc: how to communicate in a small group? (feedback greatly appreciated)

UPDATE 21 may 2014:
So many companies I know are using Slack. From their job page:
Slack is a new platform for team communication — "All your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, and available wherever you go" — which launched in February 2014.
They are doing great job and if you want to be part of my community drop me an email: 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Digital Footprint (please share your feedback)

The idea of this post is to ask you for feedback:

It is a part of, a community initiated by Klaus who once upon a time also read book by Timothy Ferriss... I read that book too and maybe you should read it as well?

Getting out of the build to validate assumptions is always an occasion to take some photos. Shame that the PostOffice (otherwise very efficient) is closed on weekends.  Simple stuff (place letter on a scales) can be easily replaced and I see no explanation why it isn't automated just yet?

Just like everyone is using Workflowy, similarly Strikingly you may also want to see Firebase (being placed as I got some laptop stickers) and Remote Storage which kind-of indie version (no experiences just yet).

I also reactivated my hating tumblr page. Normally I would be embarrassed - see tagline: I would have done it better. I DO. (rather than pointing out mistakes) - see also tagline of I am the specialist - Mostly doing - just on some occasions there is other way but to give it a rant... Where is QA (quality assurance)? Who is responsible for that? 1s wasted on login page multiplied by the amount of users (Evernote is a massive company) could account to a day wasted a day! (60 * 60 * 24 = 86400s = 1d)

HINT: that would be a good strategy to implement various tricks presented by Ilya Grigorik, specifically Time To The First Byte.

[aside] I prefer paid events. That's a natural selection. On free hacks there are hundreds of people and it is more difficult to build relationships. Here we have a formula of a hackshop and I seem to perceive a lot of benefits from the presenters, specifically @daaain --> see my previous post about his presentation. [/aside]

So yes, that's pretty much it. A very productive day. But what else could you expect if you start by solving programming puzzles contemplate laser cutters and finally initiate 150 years life span movement? I'd better go to sleep now before I immerse in alien technology...

PS. No need to navigate all the way to the top, will paste the link here: (the idea of this post is to ask you for feedback)

PS. Tomorrow (once I get decent sleep) more stuff to come... Can you tell me is that real?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

MVP: Minimum Viable Product

I believe I need to design a nice landing page. Suggestions: +

That was a brilliant and insightful talk, feel inspired to action now!

He mentioned Dropbox and Adwords. I actually know someone who did a little referral hack, inspired by Dan Cunningham:
(these stats are unbeatable)

I'm happy to pay the full price and keep services I use alive. Did you notice recent additions with Firebase to Laptop Stickers pinterest board?

Update: posted on the authors blog.