Saturday, December 7, 2013

nodejs npm yeoman yo grunt server packages build deployment live reload server

My computer is running slow and I'm thinking about starting fresh. As always - wish money was never a concern and I could buy latest & greatest gear, for now MacBookAir (mid 2011) must suffice:

I used Yeoman in the past for its live reload feature and bundled grunt which is great for packaging apps. As everything is changing quickly I followed instructions on the homepage:

(not willing to rant nor include screenshots - it's just my config that is old, bloated, inconsistent, obsolete - as you see I clearly need reinstall - for now I just pushed my version of yeoman scaffold that happens to work for me)

That reminds me of a Haters Gonna Hate page: I am just wondering why it is not easier? Maybe I should call it gatekeeping: keeping away beginners from coding?

About NPM (node package manager) here are two slides from the presentation, it can be a mess:

The web is what you make of it!

Go go go! indiewebcamp, remotestorage, unhosted, CHTredecentralize...

(there are so many brilliant projects, having latest version of some software will not make you more productive, use what you have and go ahead!)

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