Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gamification of everything

I love competition and rivalry - that keeps me engaged and motivated.

Couple of years ago I was semi-professional bridge player - in a sense that I was doing this all the time and was paid a little money to do it. I quit and now there is a fully professional movement - Bridge24 - their members are now in Indonesia:

Wish money was never an issue and I could join them. 


There are so many competitions these days, to name just a few:

Google X Prize

($30m to go to the moon)


Facebook - keyword extraction:

(my MSc dissertation topic was "information extraction from short textual messages" so maybe the time has come to put it into practice)

Escape from /dev/null

(last weekend in Krakow was legendary)

Have a look - - there is always someone who can do this better. Wish money was never the issue and I could set the rules. It is rewarding. So far I did it a few times, here is an example on bountify - I was in charge, I was giving orders, I was managing people. Valuable experience, well worth time and money.

Mating game

Isn't it a rivalry after all?

Happy are those who don't have to compete anymore:

Approach is 360 deg flush mounted tiny cameras + radar (prob not lidar). Lot of software & hardware level image processing.

Yesterday I've ordered camera module to Raspberry Pi... Will see how it goes :) 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm not a codebreaker

Of course I thought about giving it a go:

After some fiddling I realized I'm not a codebreaker and resulted in following step-by-step instructions. Attaching full page screenshot as I trust Google more to host the image than some hacker on the web to keep their content alive:

This years challenge wasn't quite that hard (...) almost all steps only required one simple idea and that was it.

Well... One man trash is another man's treasure, something that is presumably easy was beyond reach to me, I'm actually glad that I've used the walkthrough and now I know: I'm not a codebreaker. With so many areas to excel I'm not worried at all :)

Tomorrow: escape /dev/null

See you there!