Sunday, June 16, 2013

Post about innovation

One of the largest mistakes I've ever made was to sell an iPhone I won. It was early 2008, they weren't yet available in my country of residence and I just sold it because I didn't have that urgency to have it... That is the point that I've completely missed - consumers don't know what they want. I still have a photo from the eBay auction:

Do you see the SMS icon? Now with iOS7 I feel like the market already overcrowded and I'm lacking the idea of which field I would like to focus. Wish I had this phone back then, my life would look completely different right now, I would choose different courses while at university and I would have much better local knowledge while travelling etc... Little to say I see how my life has changed when I finally get my 4S early 2012 (night and day).


Having experienced not being on the cutting edge I decided that I will catch-up so at some point I could create something new. Yes, catching-up for now, so when I finally get to the stage when everything is at my disposal I could finally connect the dots... After all everything is a remix :)

- Used ChromeBook - right after it was announced at a promo booth at SFO airport.
- Won unreleased GoogleTV - rather than sell donated to Cambridge Open Device Lab.
- Developed for unreleased Windows8 - that's the advantage of working for corporate who has partnership with Microsoft.
- Received unreleased LeapMotion - tried really hard to donate, finally built accessibility controller.
- Won Kinnect - unfortunately, as well as my three other laptops, it was stolen.
- Bought MakeyMakey - so many bright guys at MIT, who knows maybe I'll apply as well?
- No wonder why I preordered MYO

(yes, I'm passionate about UX and HCI)


Same idea in a few different flavours... Wish I had more dedication to pursue this project. See example below:

The Nifty MiniDrive

The MiniDrive



I really regret that iPhone business. now it seems like GoogleGlass might be next revolutionary device and I would really like to have it as soon as it becomes reasonable available... Any ideas how to get it?

(my credit card don't have built-in concierge so I need to be resourceful)

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