Thursday, February 14, 2013

EdgeConf - bleeding edge of the web

As usual this is hugely biased writing with no particular reason... You may want to:
- read proper review on Kristina's Auckland blog
Session recordings
Moderator questions
- or just simply visit hub where most of these are aggregated

So the story begins on Friday while I was on the train to London and asked @pornelski about his plans for the weekend... (information overload so I can't be bothered to use Lanyrd) The answer contained one word only: Edge. After seeing lineup I knew I need to get there.
The ticket application process alone required detailing my capabilities in a CV-like manner, plus a small essay on why I should be invited in the hope it would persuade the reader that I should be allocated a ticket.
It wasn't that hard actually as there is always a bunch of people who simply don't show up. Spend my last quid for the pass and here is the trophy. Michal Stefanow and the mighty Paul Irish (on the right).

Why does it matter? Two years ago, when I first arrived to London (here is my CV from back then) he was one of a few people I based my knowledge... It is difficult to find a notable open source web related project without his contribution. If in two years I made such a progress I would really like to maintain that momentum in the years to come, optimistically looking into the future, hell yeah!

BTW: Facebook is hiring, Google is hiring, Financial Times (thank you Andrew) is hiring and Spiral Software is hiring... You can AMA here:

Bonus question: Do you know any company that is not hiring?