Sunday, October 21, 2012

I am the Hacker

Everything I want to do is either not possible, prohibited, penalized or forbidden by law.

Recently I've learnt to mind the target audience. In this case the Target Audience is me. Just saying that is increasingly frustrating to encounter technological boundaries.


Best interface is no interface. Why my phone doesn't know which app I want to launch? Why do I have to use all these devices?

Currently there is a huge movement of hardware startups:


And here is the problem:
- Dell Latitude D430
- broken hard drive (Samsung HS082HB)
- need replacement, preferably SSD
- why would I use SSD if I can use a SD card
- there are literally no 1.8'' SD to ZIF converters!

Well, there is
- 1.8'' Compact Flash to ZIF on Amazon for £15 (full search results)
- Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Pieces on Alibaba

I'll just probably buy a SSD... But why? They say you can get anything on Amazon / eBay / Alibaba unless (big hairy unless) you have specific needs...

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