Monday, August 13, 2012

Why #CiscoCloud let people down?

London Olympics 2012.
Inspire a generation.
Billions of people watching TV.
Huge event in general.
Shameful amounts of money spent.
Now imagine marketing...


1) CitrixTV
Brad Peterson on CitrixTV - known as Citrix Chief Demo Officer with his famous iJacket and iTie:

2) Evening Standard

3) Crowd stewards

4) Huge banner "Visit the CiscoCloud in the park" 

Invitations Only FTW!

PR message sent: "we are corporate, do not bother contacting us, we are so important"

I was actually expecting this to be accessible only for the ticket holders - see the official map:

But I wouldn't be was left disappointed if not their marketing efforts - they wanted me to be there!

Speaking of marketing

While hundreds of people work hard so you cannot use words such as: summer, 2012, London you can still pass your message relatively easy:

Of course I tried the traditional to get tickets traditional way: the second I pull out cardboard "tickets" the steward was there telling me that buying and selling tickets in Olympic Park means one thing: arrest. Police officer told me about "here", "there" and borderline of the Olympic Park... Actually basically no chance on getting tickets on site (been there, tried that)

Couple of slides: You will never do it (March 2011) - as you see it's only one click away:

[update 16 Aug 2012] Tom's hardware: "personal or private access points, along with 3G hubs and a ton of other items, are not allowed inside" - see photo:

PS. I moved to London (February 2011) to experience the cutting edge. Now when Games are over what else is there?

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