Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Section 508 Accessibility Compliance

In July I haven't committed a single line of code

Rescue Time indicated that I was using Word and Outlook (hate with passion) most of the time to produce some documentation. Here is extract from Section 508 (wiki):
Amendment that requires Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities comparable to the access to and use of the information and data by Federal employees who are not individuals with disabilities; 

Among many other things it required each element to accessible using keyboard. I actually suggested to surround divs an tag rather than assigned a tabindex (that would require changing the tabindex of all elements present on the website).

After giving it a second thought I realized there must be some kind of tabindex=auto. And here we are tabindex=0 is your friend, my friend!

Here is jsFiddle:

And here is insightful discussion on StackOverflow with critical examples when it breaks IE. General advice: use your common sense:
Finally HTML5 offers pretty much no guarantees about the tab order between elements that have a tabindex of 0, merely stating that it should follow platform conventions.
Following platform conventions is enough reason for me, don't really need to worry about reinventing the wheel. 

PS. Here is my "normal" efficiency graph:
Yeah, just signup using this link.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Why #CiscoCloud let people down?

London Olympics 2012.
Inspire a generation.
Billions of people watching TV.
Huge event in general.
Shameful amounts of money spent.
Now imagine marketing...


1) CitrixTV
Brad Peterson on CitrixTV - known as Citrix Chief Demo Officer with his famous iJacket and iTie:

2) Evening Standard

3) Crowd stewards

4) Huge banner "Visit the CiscoCloud in the park" 

Invitations Only FTW!

PR message sent: "we are corporate, do not bother contacting us, we are so important"

I was actually expecting this to be accessible only for the ticket holders - see the official map:

But I wouldn't be was left disappointed if not their marketing efforts - they wanted me to be there!

Speaking of marketing

While hundreds of people work hard so you cannot use words such as: summer, 2012, London you can still pass your message relatively easy:

Of course I tried the traditional to get tickets traditional way: the second I pull out cardboard "tickets" the steward was there telling me that buying and selling tickets in Olympic Park means one thing: arrest. Police officer told me about "here", "there" and borderline of the Olympic Park... Actually basically no chance on getting tickets on site (been there, tried that)

Couple of slides: You will never do it (March 2011) - as you see it's only one click away:

[update 16 Aug 2012] Tom's hardware: "personal or private access points, along with 3G hubs and a ton of other items, are not allowed inside" - see photo:

PS. I moved to London (February 2011) to experience the cutting edge. Now when Games are over what else is there?

Friday, August 10, 2012

What's the reason of find my iPhone if it does not work without internet access?

Post inspired my noble case described hereWiredHacker News, etc...

What's use of  find my iDevice one may wonder?

Apple forum"But the reality is most thieves are well versed in how to restore a stolen iPad as a new device, so it's probably lost for good."

Apparently there is nothing that could prevent prevent serious crime. It only works if you left your phone in a  cafe for 5 mins. Here is some marketing on Apple website. Exactly, it does not protect from theft, just against misplacing:

Additionally: There are some security features on Mac:
Is there any thief who not knowing the password is able to the connect computer o WiFi? Cannot really wait for the first PR stunt similar CIA Prey case. IMO false sense of security is worse than no security. 

Stay reasonable

There are kensington locks to "deterrent to prevent opportunist theft". Why don't include GPS sensor in high-end, special purposes laptops (e.g. toughbooks) and market them as an improved security?

Discussion on Make (from 2006) with some links and again some PR bullshit  (see report on Intel / Dell):

Hardware is actually peanuts: Average laptop replacement: $1,582.22, roughly 3% of total cost!

Estimated cost of intellectual property of business information is extreme case is $250m. Do basic math, that is why the average is ridiculously high. Another interesting finding: having the backup increases the costs of lost laptop!

Stay reasonable 

Here is my explanation: there were 130 laptops in the survey. Only part of them had a backup. Assumption: people who have backups do have data to backup. Thus the average cost of stolen laptop with backup was higher... By no means having the backup increases the cost of stolen laptop, it was just me rephrasing the sentence to add some dramatic effect.

You should do it: I did it long time ago and I sleep really well - 2-step auth for Gmail, follow Matt Cutts.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to enable Google Voice outside the US?

You cannot have Google Voice outside the US, do you? That's a shame... Well... I actually managed to do it :)

Simple steps:
• In order to have Google Voice you need to be based in US
• Use VPN.
• Create fresh Google Acount.
• Confirm your phone number (type in "50" when called) 
• Have phone number. 
• Buy from Twilio: 1$ / month.
• Set up basic response.
Support forum: record DTFM! Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling - all these beep sounds are just predifined frequencies. 
• 4 lines of code

It's all about comunication!

After experiencing Twilio I can absolutely positively say: this is the way to incorporate calling and texting into your app. It is so simple. Now it comes with texting support in 150 countries! Wish I could go into the wild and observe how people are using their mobiles. I'm just aware that living in UK with newest Apple gear, unlimited 3G, fast-reliable broadband and working in the the Cloud I have no real image on how people are using technology (I live in the bubble)

Economist.com: "mobile banking in some African countries has reached extraordinary levels"


Who is already incorporating texting into the apps?

Airbnb is doing it really well, although it is missing 00 before country code and response is not delivered. Bug or feature?

Speaking of Airbnb - I do really enjoy all UI and user experience! Fantastic job, made with love. Register on Airbnb to visit our Hacker House it's only £13.37 per night.  Here is my CouchSurfing profile so now you know that this not about the money. I invite world to come to my place because we don't travel much at the moment and here is why:

Meet Gaia, my beloved daughter! :)