Monday, September 19, 2011

Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam

As an exam was taken in a secure browser I was unable to perform the traditional screenshot:

Thanks to Google Engage for Agencies I have received a voucher and passed my first fundamental exam!

UPDATE: The fundamentals part was slightly easier so I decided to take the advanced part straight away. Here are the results:

And here goes the actual certificate:

Just wondering if a customer can search me in an online database now? Yes, they can. Just go to: then Search for Qualified Individuals:


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  2. Oops! I had no idea that there is also an exam for Google Adwords Campaign Management. But it is a good thing, it is better if you take help from a person who on a critical level has been accessed and evaluated.

  3. Nice! Even I was told about it during Google Adwords Management program. I am sure this service is helping a lot of business holders and other people in promoting and advertising their business website or blog. Good, you shared this post with everybody.

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